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(remember to look for these themes a few days beforehand)

The roots behind mental-emotional woes beckon the burdened mind during this lunation. A marked lack of patience hovers overhead, epitomized by the sorry state of Saturn, and much of what people are struggling to achieve is likely to be in vain unless the boundaries which have been blurred and eroded are re-established and a win-lose mentality is replaced by a win-win.

A Sarpa Yoga exists which increases the potential for mindless cruelty and unkindness (click here to read about this yoga). Sarpa means serpent, and the serpentine quality carries the notion of becoming entwined in venomous and toxic situations, behaviors and mindsets. Relative to this lunation such situations may arise due to a lack of boundaries, a projection of one's problems and negative behaviors onto others, a lack of responsibility and an elevation of despair and associating with people who are psychic vampires and depleting to be around and in relationship with. As all of these things rear their ugly head they present opportunities for freedom and awareness.

With Sarpa Yoga in mind it is wise to identify the root causes of suffering, misery, and anger in your life during this period, for there is also an increased potential to actually see these roots for what they are rather than what we think they are. A reading is one of the many tools that can aid us in locating these roots, as are self reflection and contemplation. Yet beware cleverness at this time for you can easily convince yourself that things that are detrimental are somehow good for you.

The rough edges of stubbornness and right/wrong attitudes are only making things much worse. It is interesting that the planetary pattern portrays the capacity for the conquest over most obstacles with limitations totally overcome, but the cost may be high if the baby is cast out with the bath water when rash decision making and cleverness, unaccompanied by grace or humility, lead one down a path that is inherently self destructive even while appearing "morally justified". Such is the case when the abused becomes the abuser in a self righteous quest to snuff out abuse at all costs.

It would be wise to attend to your personal space and domestic life so that it reflects a greater good rather than an inner attitude of despair and desperation. Get rid of things and give to others what you can, with NO attachment or expectation regarding the result. Do not hoard things or collect things during this time unless they have a viable function. The loose ends of unfinished business, boundaries neglected, and things left unsaid due to shame and self loathing can become tripping fodder.

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