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Jupiter, Lord of Expansion, governs our capacity for wholesome expansion and psycho-physical homeostasis, which enables the smooth functioning of all the parts of our being as one integrated whole. Jupiter relates to innate faith in the Divine and thus spiritual yearning. Because of this, by extension, Jupiter governs our sense of social participation — our connection to the greater whole of humanity and our willingness or lack of willingness to participate meaningfully in it. In contrast to Mercury’s knowledge bound disposition, Jupiter’s province is that of Wisdom (living knowledge).


In the Sufi doctrine Jupiter is Spiritual Aspiration (al-himmah) or the drive to rise beyond the mundane limits our terrestrial nature often traps us within, ever aspiring toward The Divine. This is our moral/spiritual compass and is more a faculty of Will than of the mind (this relates him more directly to the Sun and in fact Jupiter is likened to a second Sun, being himself a gas giant). 


“Al-himmah signifies the force of decision, the desire to rise above oneself or spiritual aspiration. Thus it is a quality of the will and not an intellectual faculty; none the less it should be noted that by anticipation spiritual will is intellectual. From the point of view of realization it is the most important and the noblest faculty of man. Man is only truly man through his will to be delivered, by his ascending tendency, pictured in his vertical posture which distinguishes him from animals. Al-himmah is also the faith that moves mountains”. 

Introduction to Sufi Doctrine, by Titus Burckhardt


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