The Question of Free Will vs Fate

We posit that no one is entirely free nor are they entirely fated. The reason that we are not completely free is due to the fact that no one exists in a vacuum and that Karma is the principle of limitation. Once again Karma is not purely individual due to there being an interpenetration between people on a horizontal level as well as on a vertical level (this specifically in relationship to the greater whole of which they are a functional part of).

A birth chart is a set of potentials which can be actualized along many different lines (in other words these abstract potentials found in the chart can manifest in many different ways externally). Thus one is only free to become what one inherently is. Compare this with an example in the plant kingdom. An acorn is only free to become an oak; it cannot become a cat, even if it so desired. The whole oak is contained as an archetypal potential for physical manifestation within the acorn. If conditions are not righ