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Birth Chart Session — 144.00 USD

[Returning Clients — 125.00 USD] 


Horary Astrology (Chart for a Single Question, does not include birth chart) — 72.00 USD

Single Question via Birth Chart — 95.00 USD

Tarot — 64.00 USD


Electional Astrology (finding a time to begin a venture) — 108.00 USD


Relationship (Synastry) — 270.00 USD

Tutoring — 60.00 USD 

[4 Session Package 225.00 USD paid all at once]

*See bottom of this page for an explanation of each service

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“A wonderful Astrologer whose deeper philosophical contemplations and mindful practice of such gifted celestial energies allow him the opportunity to grow even deeper within the reflections of the Divine; which in turn is humbly rendered to any who seek council with him. I highly recommend his services to any who seek greater answers to the questions that lie within ~

Thank you for being there friend~” John Anthony

“I could not thank Lars enough for all the times that I needed reassurance and guidance; he was always there for me. Always taking the time to explain and guiding me even through his busy schedule. He is so wise with vast knowledge. I don’t think I have met anyone like this before. With others I’ve always left puzzled with more questions after, not truly satisfied. And with Lars, I always leave feeling crystal clear. Give him your time, you won’t be disappointed! Clarity is what you want!” — Sailor Win

"Lars is a very skilled and generous tutor that was able to easily clarify some questions I had about astrology and specifically traditional forms of astrology" — Andrea Guerra

"Lars is an inuitive healer who knows when to listen and when to guide. When looking at challenges in my chart he tempered reality with compassion--and a touch of wry humor. His knowledge and experience with numerous modalities enables him to draw from a vastly larger pool (quite nimbly I might add) beyond the constraints of a "traditional" astrological chart reading. It is this innate ability to work holistically that truly sets him apart." — Karen 

Concerning Readings

With all readings the goal is to foster clarity, insight and awareness about one's life. The primary foundation I work from in all my readings is Jyotish (Indian Astrology).

Birth Chart Session

  • For this service we make use of the birth chart as a guide for a live session lasting between 60-90 minutes.

  • We can discuss almost anything you'd like, however you must bring with you a minimum of three questions (if you have more we can address them time permitting). 

  • After the session feel free to contact me from time to time with basic questions

Nota Bene: 

  • This is not a "tell me about my chart" reading. A birth chart is a multi-dimensional tool for understanding life and therefore the information it contains is limitless. The more you engage yourself in the reading, the more open and inquisitive you make yourself, the more the chart will yield. 

  • Experience has taught me that a live reading utilizing the birth chart becomes a dialogue concerning the exploration of life and its meaning, rather than a list of fated outcomes about one's life. If one sincerely wishes to find the answer to a seemingly mundane question then horary astrology is a better option. Furthermore I created the single question via birth chart option in large part for situations wherein a person is not seeking a dialogue or joint exploration but just needs some practical information about their life (although in reality I get very few if any clients that merely want dry "facts" about their life).

Horary Chart Reading

  • This is either 1) a live consultation (phone/in-person) that lasts 30 minutes - or - 2) a written response (I decide which will work best after receiving the question).

  • It works like this: you take some time to formulate a clear and concise question and then send me that question. Once I receive the question and understand it I will draw an astrological chart for that very moment and use it to find an answer and gain insight into your question.


  • Virtually any question may be tackled with this technique. There are occasionally questions I will refuse to answer if I deem them inappropriate, not in line with my work, or not covered under my particular skill set.


Nota Bene

  • There is NO use made of your birth chart, so this is not a substitute for a birth chart reading.


  • This is by no means a yes or no technique (though occasionally it can be), and many layers of the question and circumstances you find yourself in can be revealed and often are. 

Single Question via Birth Chart 

  • You may want to know something about your life in general such as career, money, childbirth, marriage, health, traveling, fame, how you relate to a specific person in your life through the lens of your chart (a family member, a child etc.) a specific timeframe and what it might bring, or even certain psychological or spiritual factors. With this service I will provide you with a written response pertaining to this one area of life that you inquire about and you can ask for additional clarification if need be.


  • In a sense this is the "what does my chart say about x" service. 

Nota Bene

  • This service is best utilized if you do not wish to engage in a dialogue and instead are seeking some specific information on a single aspect of life. 

Tarot Card Reading

  • Tarot is simply a wondrous tool for a more free-form abstract exploration of life than Astrology often is. While both can reveal Truth in both specific and abstract matters, Tarot offers a different experience than Astrology and therefore may be more appropriate at times based upon where you (the client) are at. If you feel drawn to a Tarot reading over an Astrology reading then it is good to heed that inner voice.


  • This reading is 40-60 minutes in length and we can discuss most anything you'd like.

Electional Chart Reading

If you have a particular venture you wish to begin, but are uncertain of the most propitious time to begin it then this reading is the right one for you.


  • This method of astrology entails charting the movement of the celestial bodies in order to find the best time to begin a venture or to simply take action.


  • It is highly recommended for marriage, surgery, opening a business, travel, moving, or any kind of communication that has far reaching implications (such as initiating divorce proceedings, delivering serious news to someone, etc.).


  • This is a live consultation that may only last a short time because most of the work is done on my end in finding a suitable time based upon the information you provide.


  • You need to have some dates in mind and a timeframe in mind to get the most out of this technique. There is no such thing as a perfect time wherein there are no challenging factors present and therefore it is good for you to already have some dates or timeframes in mind. I will let you know if it is best to wait or begin until after your specified timeframe. 


Nota Bene

  • Some ancient astrologers have even suggested that an election can override indications found in a birth chart. While this may or may not be true, the fact remains that the moment we initiate anything indelibly stamps its character upon whatever was initiated. A good election can greatly improve and support any venture, while a poor one can greatly hinder it and undermine it. In my opinion it should be a standard practice for wedding planning and surgery, if for nothing else.

Relationship (Synastry)

This can be done for any kind of partnership (marriage or romantic partnership, business partnership, siblings, friends, etc.). It is not a casual service for mere romantic intrigue as it takes quite a lot of work to do properly. It is recommended for people who wish to understand their relationship dynamic better so that they can proceed with consciousness and understanding as they enter deeper into their partnership. If you just want to know how someone feels about you then it is best to ask that via a horary consultation. This service involves careful analysis of both charts + analyzing them relative to one another, all before the actual consultation itself takes place.


If you are wanting to go deeper into specific techniques or even just the general principles of astrology, tarot, omens and divination in general this is the service for you! A tutoring session lasts approximately one hour.