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By Donation

After much deliberation I have realized that at this time it will work best to offer my services via donation rather than at a fixed rate. Feel free to request a Birth Chart, a Horary Chart or a Tarot reading and I will work with you to ensure that your needs get met.


Please be aware that a donation based service is not a 'freebie' and I reserve the right to refuse requests for readings if something does not feel right. Due to the nature of this work (divination), it is asked that you adequately search your heart to know the right course to take regarding what you are meant to donate, rather than what you might think or want. 

In New Mexico, where I have lived most of my life, the ancient curers (Curanderas) would often do much of their profound healing arts work by donation. When the person had no money to spare they would donate eggs from their chickens or potatoes from their garden, or they may donate their skill to fix some part of the house or do some work on the property. 

It is in this same spirit that I wish to offer my services as a Divinatory artist, counselor and listener. 

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To schedule a reading please contact me at

“A wonderful Astrologer whose deeper philosophical contemplations and mindful practice of such gifted celestial energies allow him the opportunity to grow even deeper within the reflections of the Divine; which in turn is humbly rendered to any who seek council with him. I highly recommend his services to any who seek greater answers to the questions that lie within ~

Thank you for being there friend~” John Anthony

“I could not thank Lars enough for all the times that I needed reassurance and guidance; he was always there for me. Always taking the time to explain and guiding me even through his busy schedule. He is so wise with vast knowledge. I don’t think I have met anyone like this before. With others I’ve always left puzzled with more questions after, not truly satisfied. And with Lars, I always leave feeling crystal clear. Give him your time, you won’t be disappointed! Clarity is what you want!” — Sailor Win

"Lars is a very skilled and generous tutor that was able to easily clarify some questions I had about astrology and specifically traditional forms of astrology" — Andrea Guerra

"Lars is an inuitive healer who knows when to listen and when to guide. When looking at challenges in my chart he tempered reality with compassion--and a touch of wry humor. His knowledge and experience with numerous modalities enables him to draw from a vastly larger pool (quite nimbly I might add) beyond the constraints of a "traditional" astrological chart reading. It is this innate ability to work holistically that truly sets him apart." — Karen 

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