The Spirit of Astrology

What is The Spirit of Astrology? In Indian astrology, called Jyotish, the very name itself means something like the “science of light” and beyond this they have the Jyotirvidya which means the “light of wisdom”. It is this Jyotirvidya which we mean by The Spirit of Astrology. It is this Light of Wisdom that an astrologer accesses the Soul of the art and pierces into the mysteries of existence whilst reading a chart and consulting with a client. It is this Light that enables us to comprehend the mechanics of astrology in a way that provides one with the ability to move beyond the various rules and texts, even creating new rules and ideas that work because they are grounded in an astrological gestalt that relies on a holistic logic even though they may not have been discussed in any of the old books.

If one approaches a chart with humility then the correct techniques and the important points to dwell upon reveal themselves with great lucidity, oftentimes in ways that surprise the astrologer. Though astrology in practice is often very linear it is also very artistic; the whole speaks volumes over any one indication one analyzes in the chart. This is why in the old books, no matter what tradition, the authors implore one to examine as many different variables to analyze and unders