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What Does a Reading Do?

A reading ideally summons forth awareness and clarity, dispels layers of ignorance, and instills a sense that there is an inherent purpose and order to everything in life


A reading does not fix your problems or change your fate — it does, however, open the doors to possibilities unrealized 


Which Reading Style is Best?

This all depends upon the context. Traditionally multiple divinatory arts would be employed side by side in order to yield the most accurate testimony. I sometimes make use of other methods alongside my main tool if I need more clarity (mixing astrology and tarot, or numerology and so on). The techniques and systems are ultimately employed in the service of the needs of the session and not for their own sake

What to Expect in a Reading (with me)

I've already touched on this above with regard to providing practical and useable insights, so lets find out what I don't do:​

1.) I am not principally here to tell you what you should or should not do with the information revealed by the reading. I can and do certainly offer insight on how to deal with things but I am careful to never 'should on you' and I base such insights upon the testimony of the divinatory arts, not my opinions

2.) I do not focus on or generally talk about past lives. This is the life you are living and this is the one you should be concerned with. I will bring such information to your attention should it be revealed to me, but I generally do not go looking for it

Choosing a Reader

One ought to never choose a reader based on how famous they are or how much someone else may worship them. One will also be very disappointed if they choose a reader thinking they hold the keys to “fixing their life”


You choose the reader that resonates with you, the reader that life leads you to, the person who you feel a connection with and who will thus produce the most helpful reading during that specific phase of your life

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