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Astrology Offerings

My approach and what sets me apart from other astrologers

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Astrology today is dominated by two primary kinds of practitioners. Those who want to predict with great precision the events of your future so that they can prove to themselves that astrology “works” and inflate their own egos for being “right” about said prediction regardless of how it affects you or what the meaning of such an event may be in the grander scheme of things. The other kind of practitioner vehemently demands that everything in the chart be purely “psychological” and centered around describing character traits or ascribing glamorous sounding “spiritual” significance to everything in your chart and life, and claiming knowledge concerning your “soul purpose” or intricate details related to “past lives”. 


The prediction of events, the delineation of character, psychological and spiritual information all have their place in astrology and yet none of these constitute astrology nor do they define what it is for. Prediction of events from a rigid fatalistic perspective, that says everything is set in stone and nothing can be changed, is a denial of the powers of the Human Spirit and the spiritual teachings of all ages. Psychological and spiritual conceptualizations of the chart and the client, for the most part, serve only to stroke the client's ego but offer no real substance when it comes to living life consciously. In other words they sound nice while offering no significant information, nor do they constitute significant insights.


A holistic reading (my approach) constitutes an intersection of the inner and outer worlds for the purpose of providing you, the client, with objectivity and thus awareness about your life so that you can make conscious and informed decisions moving forward, so that you can understand the patterns unfolding in your life and their source, so you can see where you fit amidst the stream of time and ocean of space that is life. But the greatest thing a holistic reading has to offer, what I excel at as a reader, is a rekindling of hope and faith, so that you not only see the wondrous order amidst the apparent chaos of life but you feel it in your bones. Faith is the greatest strength any of us can employ in life. Faith allows us to move mountains. Without faith a person may know everything they need to do but they will certainly fail to accomplish it. 


On a practical level I see the chart as a map that can help us understand our fortitudes and places of lack and subsequently this means the chart also suggests the best ways to utilize those innate powers and to bolster or balance those voids. The chart is both a diagnostic tool for the maladies of existence and a remedial tool for those same maladies!


In reading a chart I find that the simplest methods and techniques work the best. I enjoy making use of a consultation chart drawn for the moment you request the reading, as well as any omens that arise around or during the reading itself. Sometimes a reading may call for a horary chart, drawn for the moment a specific question is asked. 


For those interested I primarily utilize the tools and techniques of Jyotish (Indian astrology) coupled with certain ancient Hellenistic techniques. This is a reading, not a tutoring session, so don't expect me to explain things in terms of your sun sign which you may have heard so much about. If you'd like to learn about the ins and outs of your chart, rather than receive a dedicated reading, then please see the offering below. 


I do a certain amount of prep work before the reading which primarily involves entering your data into a couple of different softwares, making note of certain timing factors and getting a basic sense of what your chart is like. 

Astrology Reading (Birth Chart)


A dialogue about your life, drawn from your birth chart as a reference point. Together we’ll examine and discuss the important themes in your life and how it all unfolds through the flow of time. I often make use of a consultation chart drawn for the time you requested the reading or the time we meet. In addition to these fundamentals omens are frequently utilized during the reading in order to corroborate what is seen in the chart. It is wise to come with questions, concerns and areas of life you wish to learn about. 

There is a mystique that surrounds the birth chart, perhaps arising from the widespread dispersal of basic knowledge about astrology that all of us find easy access to in today’s world. The same information can be derived from reading the palm or the face of the person, and each of these modalities brings something unique to the table. From my perspective a reading that centers around the birth chart as a tool for understanding your life is primarily useful because it deals heavily with time and life cycles and because it is a portrait of your life as a whole, a portrait that can be analyzed to see how the multifarious components of your life fit together, influence one another and paint a portrait of you as an individual transcending time and space. 


In short a birth chart is useful when a person has many questions about themselves and their life, and when they need to understand the time factor and the manner in which their life cycles are unfolding. 

Cost of this reading:

This is a live session. There is a base fee of 55 dollars for the first 40 minutes and then 1.50 USD per minute after that (this equates to 85.00 for the first 60 minutes). Payment is made after the reading based upon the amount of time spent. You can request that the reading not exceed a certain amount of time beforehand, in which case I will set a timer. This way we check in after the time is up and see if you in fact would still like to continue or end it there and return another time. 

Horary Astrology (Single Question)

Ask a specific time sensitive question and receive an answer in the form of a live consultation. For this reading I require the question in advance of meeting and any and all pertinent details you can provide about the circumstances and what you'd like to know. Horary astrology is different than a birth chart reading in that we are focused on one specific question that is usually time sensitive or circumstance specific.


Cost of this reading:

The cost is 40.00, which covers my work on the chart prior to discussion and a 15 minute live consultation over the phone. After 15 minutes the fee is 1.50 USD per minute thereafter and other divinatory tools will be employed as necessary. 

Student Reading/Tutoring Services 

The student reading is designed for those who wish to learn more about the technical mechanics of their chart which permits them to do further self study afterward. Many people are seeking to understand their own chart as a mechanism for becoming a better astrologer, and this is the session to book if that is your aim.

It is also the session for those seeking practical tutoring in any other area of study regarding astrology, tarot and esoteric stuff generally . . . 

Cost of this reading:

1.00 USD per minute; 30 minutes minimum (live session)You can request that the reading not exceed a certain amount of time beforehand, in which case I will set a timer. This way we check in after the time is up and see if you in fact would still like to continue or end it there and return another time. 

Dual Consultation

This is a consultation with two astrologers — myself and my friend Ashwin Balaji of Celestial Vibes Magazine & The AB Verdict ( will join forces to once and for all destroy the forces of Mordor . . . sorry got a bit ahead of myself . . .  actually . . . we will read your chart together in a live session, irrespective of the goings on in Middle Earth.


Both of us draw upon Jyotish (ancient Indian) and Hellenistic (ancient Egypt and near east) traditions filtered through a Humanistic lens to bring you deep clarity and insight regarding your life and experience. Ashwin himself comes from a family of astrologers who have been practicing it for well over a century and I am extremely fortunate to be working with him.

What is the benefit of a dual reading? In a dual reading what one astrologer sees often opens doors of perception for the other astrologer and vice versa. What one misses the other is surely to catch. This is a wonderful and unique offering within the world of astrology.

Cost of this reading:

200.00 USD (live session)

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