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What Is Divinatory Counseling?


In Divinatory-Counseling the practitioner’s role is to bear witness to the journey of self discovery and the actualization of various life goals of the one who has sought them out. The Divinatory-Counselor utilizes astrology and divinatory techniques (such as tarot, omens, palmistry etc.) to facilitate increased life clarity for the client by engaging such tools as points of reference rather than as a primary focus. Sessions, therefore, are not dependent upon the divinatory tools, but upon the dialogue between practitioner and client. The practitioner and the client are jointly investigating the client’s life in a way that aims to empower the client to navigate life in a fulfilling manner. 


Divinatory-Counseling seeks to examine ideas, beliefs, behaviors, goals etc. a person holds that may be debilitating and stifling in light of the testimony afforded by divination, the dialogue of client/practitioner, philosophical inquiry and esoteric traditions.  


Divinatory-Counseling is a term coined to denote the practice of utilizing astrology and other divinatory tools to work with individuals who are in need of insight, both practical and psycho-philosophical, that can enable them to dive deeper into their life purpose and sense of self or can be of support during periods of time wherein direction is amorphous.

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