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Divination is symbolic - NOT literal


Real Divination is a matter of using a symbolic conceptual model of existence to access information that is not otherwise knowable 


Ancient Wisdom traditions teach us that all is Mind - The Universe and all that it is composed of, all that resides “within” it, is in fact energy organized into various mental constructs or patterns with Mind as the organizing principle which then solidify into what appear as individualized concrete forms - the world as we experience it


The vibratory frequency - the Rhythm - of a given energy pattern is what causes it to appear different from other things. It’s entire nature is organized by this mental pattern which can be called an Archetype


Thus Divination and Divinatory systems (any model of the Universe - whether religious, scientific or philosophical) are in fact tools that allow us to more accurately understand the mental patterns that make up existence


These patterns of consciousness determine what are called Karma, Fate, Destiny, Purpose, Dharma etc.


Divination, in order to work well, needs to be done (w)holistically


This means that single factors are not important outside of the context of the whole in which they are a functional part of


In Astrology this means that a planet in a sign or house has very little meaning when considered alone. It is when it is considered within the whole structure of the chart(as a participating whole) that its true meaning is revealed - and thus the knowledge it is merely a participating symbol of becomes apparent


Confluence (a repetition of factors that point to the same or a similar reality) is vastly more important than single factors


But Why?


The simple reason is that the symbols of Astrology (planets, signs, houses, aspects etc.) are ONLY that - symbols! - conceptual models of what is real,

not the real thing in and of itself


(Modern Physics too employs conceptual models to discuss and accurately measure the various phenomenon of the Universe)


Neither a sign, a house or a planet is the literal thing it represents nor is it an exact one to one measurement or correspondence. Instead it is only a symbol of a mental construct and when multiple symbols of the same mental construct converge to yield the same insight, accurate judgement of a chart (and thus real insight into reality) becomes possible


The most accurate form of Divination possible is that which results from a set of techniques and symbols which allow the mind to focus on the fundamental patterns present, block out the external noise of bias, hopes, dreams, morality, ideology, belief systems, etc. and dispel any doubt that may creep in about whether or not one can know the true nature of something. Through an approach to Divination such as this, which relies heavily on confluence and non-linear, non-reductionistic thinking - (w)holistic -  it is possible to be extraordinarily accurate in a reading


In order to do this one has to have faith in the Divinatory model, in the tools being employed, in the calculations made etc. and most importantly - Faith in The Divine. One cannot possibly pass good judgement if doubt is present in any form


Therefore Astrology and all Divination systems do not yield a one to one system of “planet in sign = insert concrete and consistent result”


This is why all ancient texts implore us to look at anywhere from 5-10 things to pass judgement (though if the intuitive faculties are strong then one may only need to look at 1 single factor, or one won’t need Astrology or any Divination system at all because one will just Know simply because one IS)*


*Consider that even when one believes oneself to look at one single factor the unconscious and The Soul are taking in all things - much more than meets the conscious mind’s eye is observed and understood just by looking at the whole chart, by sitting with the client/person, by their voice, by the mood, by the location, by the noises/people/animals, anything and everything happening during the reading - and all of this contributes to accessing that Intuitive side of life or directing the astrologer to the correct technique or factor needed for that moment. Thus one is never really considering just “one” thing in isolation and this is what makes linear study and a modern scientific approach to astrology very futile and often yielding little or very sour fruits


Let’s take a hypothetical example. If we wanted to assess the person’s father from the chart we would look to (as per Jyotish techniques):

  1. The Sun

  2. The 9th

  3. The 9th Lord

  4. The Lord of the Sun

  5. The 9th from the Sun

  6. ^It’s Lord

  7. Any planets in any of these places or aspecting etc.

  8. The relevant Padas of the above (both houses and planets, which are calculated differently)

  9. We can even look at all of this in the Dwadasamsa for confirmation

  10. Saturn and the 10th house etc. (this shows us the Father’s effect on the native’s responsibility and worldly duties)

  11. The Pitrukaraka


Quite a lot of factors as one can see, the point of which is to allow the mind to focus and find the most important points/themes which are such because they keep re-emerging as one looks at all of these factors


Another example


  1. The Sun

  2. The  10th

  3. The 10th from the Sun

  4. The 10th from the 10th

  5. Lords of the above

  6. Padas

  7. Exalted planets

  8. Yogakarakas and relevant Yogas

  9. Navamsa positions

  10. Dasmasa positions


Again quite a lot that we need to look at to make a proper judgement.


We cannot assume that a dignified Sun will produce fame, glory and power in all charts, otherwise all people born with the Sun in Leo/Aries would be famous, which certainly is not the case and never could be because again the Sun in Leo/Aries is a symbol of Karmas - not the Karmas themselves and symbols are only as powerful as they are potent. One or two weak indications of fame (or anything) is not a potent symbol of fame giving Karmas . . .


Approaching Astrology (w)holistically, in the manner described above, explains how and why two good Astrologers can make the same judgement about something using completely different systems, techniques and even zodiacs!


The same is true for any Divinatory system. Two different Tarot spreads can provide the same answer etc.


The Ultimate reason for this reality is that these systems must always show The Truth, even if it be through different channels, masks, concepts etc. Truth is still Truth. This is also why the Divinatory arts can all be used to complement one another and why classical Jyotishis will practice Face Reading, Palmistry, Omenology and more in addition to Astrology in order to arrive at accurate judgement

The means to arriving at the correct information is not important, nor is it stagnant - it is dynamic and awesome. The real test of Divination is in the information it produces and brings to light. One could use grains of rice to Divine one’s life and if it was accurate it would not matter how absurd it may appear or how unglamorous it is compared to Astrology or Tarot!


In Modern approaches to Astrology people typically talk to their clients using the language of Astrology itself and relating the aspects of their life to single factors in the chart which serve to provide very vague interpretations that can appeal or apply to most people. But this approach is not real Divination. How strange it is to think that the planets/signs/houses etc. cause anything even remotely real, consistent or permanent to be. They ONLY symbolically represent the things they are associated with - they don’t cause a thing.


Glory To God Alone

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