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The Toolbox

For those interested I decided to explain a bit about the divinatory systems I make use of and how they fit into my work. I don't always utilize all of these, sometimes focusing on one alone if that is what is needed for the reading, so it would not be wise to expect that you'll hear about all of these in a session, and please do not ask me to use one of them over another, for I select the methods that I feel will best meet your needs. 

Tarot — The cards tell a story and resonate primarily with the right side of the brain, making them a powerful vehicle for intuition (noetic certainty). Tarot is basically numerological patterns of energy made into more concrete symbols that allow us to more easily access their meaning. This is my favorite tool at this point in time. Tarot intimately reflects the moment and allows one to focus upon what is most relevant in life now. Click here for more about tarot.

AstrologyThe stellar bodies at the moment of birth constitute the energetic patterns which form the basis for individual existence. The birth chart is a map of such energies and the realities they signify. The birth chart outlines the broad brush strokes of life — character, consciousness, destiny — as they pertain to the life as a whole, rather than a specific moment in time. Astrology deals primarily with Time.


Other forms of astrology are horary (single question charts), consultation charts (similar to a tarot spread), and electional charts (used for determining an auspicious time to begin or complete a venture of any kind). Astrology appeals more to the left brain and relies on a stricter set of guidelines to be accurate than systems like tarot or i-ching.

Click here for more about astrology.

Numerology — Number is the simplest and most foundational way to understand the mechanics of the universe. By equating each letter of a person's name with a number and seeing the patterns that unfold much and more can be understood. 


Omenology —  Omens are all around us. Literally everything that occurs in life can be taken as an omen pertaining to the heart of the moment in which it occurs. I am generally vigilante to observe and utilize the omens that arise as a session is unfolding, and even those that occur outside of a session when I am thinking of the client and their needs or taking a peak at their chart or contemplating the numbers hiding behind their name. Omens are one of the most powerful of tools and it is indeed possible to do a reading based wholly with them and nothing else. 

Palmistry — Palm reading is an ancient art that makes sense of life via the patterns on the hands. It is so important in India that it often used en tandem with astrology and other tools because it helps to make clear or narrow down the manifold potentials indicated by a birth chart. The palm (and the face, as in face reading) is often more clear than a birth chart about the major areas of life for the simple reason that its testimony is directly etched into skin, and so if something is in the palm it is really there much more so than if it is only in the birth chart. Astrology complements palmistry via narrowing down timing and providing a path into the inner mechanisms behind what the palm indicates. Currently palmistry is my weakest area, but I employ it at times to validate what I see elsewhere.

Synesthesia — This is basically the ability to visualize sound, numbers, time, tastes, smell and touch as imagery. It happens automatically for those with this condition. At some point I realized that I could utilize this ability for reading and gaining insight into energies and it has lead me down an interesting road. This is the most esoteric tool in my kit and it is something that is thus always present but I utilize it more or less depending upon the need. It complements and relates to all other systems of divination. 

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