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In Taurus one is a traveller very much in touch with the physical world. Taurus is a sign of desire and sensuality. Taurus is the principle known as Kama (desire), one of the first cloaks The True Being dawns upon its journey into the world of form. This sign is the evolutionary desire for manifestation, for procreation, for existence in form, in order to use and command those forms for its own ends.


Esoterically Taurus gathers the raw materials of manifestation to be manipulated and sorted (Virgo) and transformed into something truly enduring (Capricorn). Taurus gives rise to desires relating to physical manifestation and thus preservation. Physical security and practicality are common traits of the Taurus type individual due to his primary motivation for physical survival. Symbolically the Soul or Spirit has made its first descent into matter here in this sign. There is sometimes a sobering, yet dangerous, level of skepticism found amidst earth sign natives toward the unseen worlds due to a reluctance or inability to grasp that which cannot be held, or beheld, physically (through the use of the 5 senses). In Taurus The Truth is associated with what is practical, enduring on a personal level, usable for survival and self perpetuation (hence sexual desire and the Bull as a symbol of fertility). The Taurus type is either obscured by sexual desires or limited by an overbearing concern with his physical survival. He is naturally artistic and very practical, good at manipulating the physical tangible world, loyal, stubborn, hard working and very much in tune with his instincts regarding the formative world and the preservation of himself, his family and most importantly his progeny.


Taurus is properly the sign of Venus, lord of love and harmony. The Taurus type must strive to transform desire into love. The Moon is exalted in Taurus, and so it follows the Sun as Venus follows Mars. Taurus and the Moon are a symbol of the truth encapsulated in the raw materials of matter. Taurus is the matrix which gives rise to the manifestation of the varied forms of existence. It is the "desire for manifestation or multiplicity, the one becoming the many". The Sun is a symbol of the one source of existence (The Godhead), but the Moon is that which receives this source and multiplies it making it appear (hence the face is ruled by Taurus) to be born (New Moon) reach an apex (Full Moon), decay and die (Full to New). In Aries The Truth is already revealed but it is unconnected to form; in Taurus we find, through desire, the foundation of manifest existence.


Qualities: Fixed, Earth

Season: Spring 

Month: May

Planets: Venus (ruler), Moon (exalted)

Body Part: Neck/Throat, Face


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