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My Approach

In many respects Tarot cards are a sister system to astrology. Where the study of the stars is more of the analytical mind, based upon exact mathematics as it is, the casting of the cards is predominantly of the imaginative and storytelling dimensions of human experience. The Tarot depicts, with vivid and beautiful imagery which the client can very often relate to, the story of what is most important in your life now, where it is coming from and where it is heading. 


As a Tarot reader I avoid utilizing slavish pre-defined meanings for the cards, instead combining the fundamental essence of each card and extracting their specific meaning based upon the spread as a whole, and I focus upon the mental-emotional patterns unfolding behind the external circumstances in your life as depicted by the cards, with the goal of locating where your heart is in all of it. 


Many Tarot readers give readings for entertainment, preferring to keep things light hearted and stick to very basic key words for each of the cards. While this has its merits it unfortunately devolves into shoddy fortune telling much of the time in which no matter how challenging the circumstances are for the client the cards always magically suggest that everything will work out just fine. 


In my approach I prefer to be real with you and let you know exactly what the cards say about things rather than concealing the truth behind a facade of superficial niceties and vapid spiritual sounding concepts. Instead I use the cards to reveal the harmonious and the inharmonious elements and then explain what the cards suggest in order to move forward with faith, hope and strength. Life demands of us honesty and integrity and this means acknowledging when things don't work out the way we wanted. It also means finding the wisdom in failure and tragedy and choosing it as our companion along the road over the more common allies of misplaced optimism, futility, guilt, shame and self pity. 

Tarot Reading

A live consultation utilizing a deck of my choice. The questions and concerns often determine which deck I will utilize and which spread I will utilize. Generally I make use of the celtic cross spread but I also employ a variety of other spreads as well depending upon the circumstances. A session can entail using multiple spreads and different decks if you have a lot of questions and wish to work with me for a longer period of time than is average.

Cost of this reading:

A minimum of 20 minutes for 25 dollars and 1.5 dollars per minute after that

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