2016 Presidential Election Part 3

In this article I will focus on the Solar Return charts of the candidates and their running mates. This is to be my final article on who will win the election. My goal in all of this has not been to further my own self image by predicting a high profile event but instead to test the ancient techniques of astrology and in so doing learn more about the craft. Whether the prediction is wrong or right there is learning to be had and I hope others benefit from my research and predictive analysis as they seek to further their own understanding and practice of the art. Please keep in mind that I am not trying to analyze the charts to show integrity of character or goodness of heart or anything like that. I am only tackling the predictive angle. It must be known that I don’t like either candidate all that much. Finally some people have criticized me and my astrological analysis on the basis that they are obviously very desirous of a Trump presidency and they don’t like my prediction. They have not intelligently critiqued the astrological analysis itself. To those of you out there who desire a Trump victory and may read my predictions all I can say is that it does not matter what you or I desire, it only matters what is True and because of this astrology is not for the faint of heart.