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2016 Presidential Election Part 3

In this article I will focus on the Solar Return charts of the candidates and their running mates. This is to be my final article on who will win the election. My goal in all of this has not been to further my own self image by predicting a high profile event but instead to test the ancient techniques of astrology and in so doing learn more about the craft. Whether the prediction is wrong or right there is learning to be had and I hope others benefit from my research and predictive analysis as they seek to further their own understanding and practice of the art. Please keep in mind that I am not trying to analyze the charts to show integrity of character or goodness of heart or anything like that. I am only tackling the predictive angle. It must be known that I don’t like either candidate all that much. Finally some people have criticized me and my astrological analysis on the basis that they are obviously very desirous of a Trump presidency and they don’t like my prediction. They have not intelligently critiqued the astrological analysis itself. To those of you out there who desire a Trump victory and may read my predictions all I can say is that it does not matter what you or I desire, it only matters what is True and because of this astrology is not for the faint of heart.

Solar Return Charts (SR) aka Revolutions

Donald Trump


This was the return chart active during the time he began running for the Republican candidacy. Here is what stands out:

  • Strong Moon exalted and in the 1st house

  • This Moon is also the exalted ruler of his natal MC and as it stands the SR Moon is in near exact conjunction with the natal MC

  • The SR Moon is in a trine aspect to the SR MC and has dignity by bound there

  • Venus, the domicile lord of the natal MC, is, in the SR, quite powerfully placed in an angular house with benefic Jupiter and is unaffllicted by the malefics who are both rather docile in this SR chart

  • Venus is also the Jarbakhtar (the bound lord of the directed Ascendant) which makes its good placement in this revolution even more auspicious.

  • Both Malefics are in aversion to the Ascendant, which is quite auspicious for the native (his health, his life direction that year, aims/goals etc.)

  • Saturn, lord of the SR MC, is bonified by a whole sign trine from both Venus and Jupiter, which signifies support in his bid for nomination

  • The Tail of the Dragon resides in the 12th which classically destroys one’s enemies

  • Mars the ruler of the 7th of opponents and of the 12th of hidden enemies is not afflicting any planet, not in aspect to the Asc and is combust, though in its own bound. What we saw was Trump totally overcome his enemies by a long shot to claim the nomination. His enemies weren’t completely destroyed (Mars having dignity by bound) but they certainly stood no real chance against him.

  • Jupiter rules the 10th sign from Fortune and is angular and unafflicted, another powerful testimony for increase in public power. Yet as the Moon is waning, so Jupiter is occidental, both signs that his elevation in status may only be fleeting.

The testimonies of this Solar Return are quite powerful for the native and his actions and abilities during the year. It was also a 10th house Taurus profectional year for him. The fact that Taurus rises in the SR with an exalted Moon right on the natal MC further emphasizes the capacity for public/professional rise and glory.

I also find it fascinating that the Moon is waning (balsamic phase, one of the weaker lunar phases) and void of course. The Moon waning is not good for success and durability in worldly matters. In Trump’s natal chart the Moon is conjoined the South Node and is being eclipsed by the Sun. In hindsight these factors are strong testimonies that his rise to power is fleeting and not strongly durable.

Donald Trump


Contrary to the last Solar Return chart, which had some overwhelmingly positive testimonies concerning Trump’s rise to power, the current return chart tells a different story.

  • The Sun, lord of the Ascendant, is fairly well placed in the 11th house but is opposed by whole sign aspect to Saturn who is retrograde (this is called maltreatment). It is my experience that retrograde Malefics tend to be behave in a much more difficult and even less conventional manner. Retrogradation was regarded as an affliction by most ancient astrological authors. Now the aspect is not a close one but Saturn is notorious for exerting his strength even by whole sign opposition. The fact that it is not a close aspect probably accounts for the fact that Trump is still fairly popular and doesn’t seem to be backing down.

  • Mars, lord of the MC, is also retrograde and contrary to the sect in favor. The retrogradation greatly disrupts the native’s public life (MC) and makes it prone to instability. This is echoed quite powerfully by Uranus, a planet known for signifying instability, closely conjoined the MC. We also note that Venus, who rules the 10th house by whole sign, is combust, which is an affliction with regard to worldly matters and in this case public office.

  • Both malefics witness the Ascendant powerfully - Saturn by trine and Mars by Square - contrary to the former return chart in which they did not witness it at all and instead both benefics witnessed it by square. We literally are seeing a reversal of good fortune from one revolution to the next.

  • Jupiter is weak and in aversion to the Ascendant

  • Venus, though casting an inferior sextile ray to the Ascending sign, is combust and therefore its effects to counteract the influence of the malefics are nil

  • Jupiter rules good fortune, generally speaking, and is square to Saturn. There is reception but Jupiter is the one receiving which means that Saturn is empowered to wreak havoc and corrupt the native’s good fortune and expansive capabilities this year.

  • Consider the above and note that Saturn is lord of the 6th house of misfortune/bad luck, suffering and the 7th house of opponents (Hillary).

  • The single most important thing is the fact that the Moon applies to aspect Saturn by a sextile aspect, just like in the two nomination charts we analyzed in the first article of this series. This is extremely important as it repeats the exact same thing shown by those nomination charts.

  • Saturn is author of confinement, dismay, anxiety, misery, labours, detriment, constriction, destruction - in short, when not well positioned (as in this chart), he wholly denies things from happening. In this chart he afflicts the Sun, symbol of kingship and power and in this case the native because the Sun is lord of the Ascendant. Venus, ruler of the natal MC, is combust and thus lacks any real power this year, whereas last year the SR chart showed the exact opposite.

  • Contrary to sect, retrograde malefic Mars also opposes Trump’s natal MC very closely. This is a very weakening factor and shows that he will continue to create enemies for himself and get in his own way through his own actions/words. SR Mars also squares natal Mars, which falls in the SR first house.

More can always be said but we’ll leave it at that...

Mike Pence


Pence’s time of birth is totally unknown but we can still draw a return chart for him nonetheless, there will just be less we can garner from it.

  • The SR 10th house is afflicted by the Tail of the Dragon

  • The lord of the MC, Jupiter, is afflicted by a square to Saturn, wherein Jupiter receives Saturn. Again, just like in Trump’s SR chart, Saturn is allowed to do its damage and therefore the reception is rather malefic. In literal terms: the opponent (Hillary) deprives him of his ability to ascend to power.

  • The Sun, symbol of power/authority, is in the 12th house of loss and hidden enemies and closely opposed by Saturn, retrograde and in the 6th house, but ruling the 7th of open enemies. This echoes Trump’s return and indeed the two men share a very close birthday.

  • Though we don’t know his time, we know that based on age (57), he is in a 10th house profectional year like Donald Trump, thus emphasizing career matters and the public life.

  • The first planet the Moon applies to in this SR chart is actually an antiscia conjunction of Venus/Sun, and then to a sextile of Jupiter. This is actually one of the first testimonies that does not back up the patterns we continue to observe in all of the other charts we have analyzed thus far. What could it mean? My guess is that because of the good condition of the Ascendant lord that Pence’s career in politics won’t be extremely marred should he and Trump lose the election.

Hillary Clinton


At first glance this chart does not look that strong for matters pertaining the native’s advancement. This makes a certain amount of sense considering the evidence that has emerged to suggest that the DNC stacked the deck against Bernie Sanders. Indeed it appears that the whole affair was very corrupt and that Sander’s could actually have won if he had not been undermined and his campaign efforts subverted from the beginning.

If we consider that the MC and the 10th whole sign house are ruled by Mars/Jupiter and both are conjoined Venus (ruling the 12th) we do see a picture of hidden activities at play, especially as Venus is fallen, though possessing dignity by bound and in aversion to her dispositor Mercury, while Jupiter is not in a very good condition either, being contrary to sect and in cold and dry Virgo, the opposite of his hot and moist nature.

Saturn is in the whole sign 7th house and this argues evil to her opponents, especially as Saturn is contrary to the sect in favor.

The Moon in application to oppose Mercury probably speaks to the email scandal.

The lot of hidden enemies resides in Aquarius and is trine to Mercury, dispositor by triplicity. This is a clear indication of setbacks with regard to matters of communication (thus email). Saturn, is also the domicile lord of the same part, and is opposing the Ascendant by a whole sign aspect, but is weak in the quadrant 6th house (meaning it wouldn’t be strong enough to totally destroy her). Mercury ruling the Ascendant and aspecting the lot shows that she was responsible for much of what happened as Mercury rules the rising sign (thus signifying the native).

Should her birth chart (Scorpio rising) be correct, Mercury is lord of the natal MC and quite powerfully placed here in the SR chart. He is made even stronger by virtue of being placed in the 10th sign from the SR lot of fortune which augurs an increase in power and publicity.

Mars casts a square aspect to the Ascendant and rules the 6th house of illness, which may account for the minor health problems Hillary has encountered this year, now overblown by conspiracy theorists. Mars conjoins the Moon in this chart by antiscia and receives her, and this mitigates the damage he can inflict upon her health.

Hillary Clinton


This return chart tells a very different tale from the last one.

  • The Head of the Dragon resides in the 1st, arguing expansion and strength for the native

  • The Tail in the 7th argues destruction to her opponent (Trump)

  • Venus, lord of the MC, is at first glance with Saturn, but this affliction is stopped by the much more powerful superior sextile of Jupiter to Venus (she applying to him) with mutual reception (each one being in the other’s sign).

  • The Moon is the Almuten of the MC and is quite well placed right on the Ascendant. The Moon also represents the people and thus the native is favored by them in this situation. This makes Trump’s SR chart a bit more understandable because the Moon applies to Saturn, who is lord of the 7th house of the opponent and we find this echoed in Hillary’s own chart in the form of having the Moon on the Ascendant (people favoring the native).

  • The Moon applies to the Sun via a close sextile aspect, which is highly important as it echoes the same application which took place in the nomination charts for Hillary.

  • The Sun, while lacking accidental dignity, is made strong by virtue of its dispositor, Mars being exalted and in the 5th house. The Sun also rules the 10th place from the lot of fortune, linking it to honors and advancement.

  • We cannot forget to note that Saturn makes a whole sign opposition to the native’s 10th house, though not the MC. This probably indicates major challenges after election, because if the MC is in the sign earlier than the 10th whole sign from the Ascendant it can show two separate phases of career or rise to power.

  • We cannot also overlook the fact that the Sun is the lord of the 12th house of loss and hidden enemies and that it resides in Scorpio, wherein the Moon falls. This shows the potential for the office of president and the race itself to be rather dangerous for Hillary, as does the fact that Mercury is L1 and L10 and is combust by the Sun. Again Saturn adds to this testimony.

  • We do not want to forget that both the benefics aspect the whole sign 10th, while Mars does not aspect the whole sign 10th. This represents a mitigating factor to what was described above. How powerful of a mitigating factor is at this time beyond the scope of this analysis, but we wanted to point it out.

Tim Kaine

Natal Chart

Unlike Hillary’s birth chart, this one is AA rated, the best rating a chart can receive. I will not analyze it here but will refer to it while analyzing the revolution below.

Tim Kaine


The Solar Return is quite powerful for this year:

  • First the MC is in the same sign as it is natally

  • Mars is exalted in the 10th house (Capricorn) of the birth chart. In the SR chart Mars is very powerfully placed in Scorpio and in the angular 7th house, thus it has both essential and accidental dignity (in both charts). Not only this but it casts a superior sextile aspect to the degree of the MC in the SR chart. It is not retrograde (as it is in Trump and Pence’s SR charts) and, in addition, it is oriental which is also empowering. So from this we know that Kaine’s career and public persona are quite empowered this year.

  • He is in an 11th house profectional year which has also brought his Ascendant to the sign wherein Venus is. This sign is the whole sign 10th house of the SR chart and he is experiencing a Venus return. Venus rules his natal 7th and is ruler of the rising sign in the SR chart. This clearly speaks to elevation of career by a woman, especially since Venus also rules the 7th house in his natal chart.

  • While Venus in the SR chart is being overcome by a superior square from Mars in a day chart, it is much more closely aspected by Saturn with reception, and Saturn is not retrograde as he is in both Trump and Pence’s SR charts for this year. It is also notable that Saturn is not retrograde in Hillary’s SR chart.

  • Mars also represents Hillary in Kaine’s chart as it is in the 7th house of partners, and so we see his professional elevation once again shown by a woman partner. The strength of Mars here is an empowering testimony with regard to Hillary as well.

  • The profected 10th house is Scorpio which is another very positive testimony for his career as we find again Mars, the lord, exalted in the 10th house of the nativity. Trump’s profected 10th house for this period is Pisces which is ruled by Jupiter in Libra and the 2nd house of Trump’s nativity. Don’t let this fool you. Jupiter in Trump’s chart is rather weak. It is retrograde, low in the figure and whatever accidental dignity it may have is counteracted by its dispositor’s weakened condition in the 12th conjoined malefic Saturn. It is also occidental, slow of motion and possessing southern latitude, all weakening testimonies.

  • Finally, perhaps the most important testimony for the success of the Hillary campaign is that Kaine’s chart repeats the same pattern of Moon moving to aspect Sun as the first aspect of the Moon that we’ve seen in both Hillary’s nomination charts and her Solar Return for this upcoming October. In Kaine’s SR chart this happens by the Moon applying to the Sun’s antiscia at about 22-23 Libra.


It was originally also my goal to comment on the transits of these various nativities on election day but I will leave it to the earnest reader to do this for themselves and to use the ancient rules of astrology as I have done above to look at the transits in light of everything I have pointed out in my three part analysis. One can do the same with progressions. Ultimately it is confluence that is most important, not single factors - which is one reason why certain house meanings were favored over others in the above analysis. Thus Trump having a Jupiter return near election day is not a powerful enough testimony on its own to signify him winning the election and neither is having something like progressed Jupiter on the star Spica etc. Such indications are not backed up by other powerful testimonies signifying victory in an astrological sense and therefore hold little weight. As far as this astrologer can tell the testimony of the stars are not in favor of Trump ascending to the office of president. Many astrologers are speculating that Hillary may be forced to resign from her campaign due to things like health or wiki-leaks but I remain unconvinced primarily because of the Moon’s application to the Sun in three charts. If the Moon had gone to some other planet before aspecting the Sun then such concerns may hold more weight, but at this time I don’t see anything astrologically that makes me think such things will bring about her downfall before the election. At the end of the day we’ll just have to wait and see.

A quick recap before I go:

  • Trump’s revolutions, analyzed side by side, show a reversal of good fortune with regard to his rise to power

  • Hillary’s revolutions show the opposite

  • Trump’s revolution for 2016 shows the same application of the Moon to Saturn we saw in his nomination charts

  • Hillary’s revolution for 2016 shows that same application of Moon to Sun we saw in her nomination charts

  • Tim Kaine’s revolution also shows that same application of Moon to Sun

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