2016 Presidential Election Part 2

A note before we proceed:

The predictive analysis given in the last post and the forthcoming analysis assume that nothing major will happen with regard to the current political trajectory of both candidates. Astrological forecasting shows what is most likely to happen should the trajectory remain the same from the time the forecast is made to the time the forecasted event occurs. While it is beyond the scope of this analysis to investigate the philosophical question of fate vs free-will we must understand that there is always the possibility that people can deviate or change the trajectory they are on. Many astrologers have spoken of the possibility for Trump to step out of the race, which would radically change things. In light of such circumstances occurring this astrologer would be obligated to reconsider the prediction of Hillary as president. Many astrologers are also predicting that Julian Assange and Wiki-Leaks may derail and destroy the Clinton campaign via the release of incriminating information. This would also warrant a reconsideration of astrological factors should it occur. I doubt this will occur and will explain why in an upcoming post on the subject.