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2016 Presidential Election Part 2

A note before we proceed:

The predictive analysis given in the last post and the forthcoming analysis assume that nothing major will happen with regard to the current political trajectory of both candidates. Astrological forecasting shows what is most likely to happen should the trajectory remain the same from the time the forecast is made to the time the forecasted event occurs. While it is beyond the scope of this analysis to investigate the philosophical question of fate vs free-will we must understand that there is always the possibility that people can deviate or change the trajectory they are on. Many astrologers have spoken of the possibility for Trump to step out of the race, which would radically change things. In light of such circumstances occurring this astrologer would be obligated to reconsider the prediction of Hillary as president. Many astrologers are also predicting that Julian Assange and Wiki-Leaks may derail and destroy the Clinton campaign via the release of incriminating information. This would also warrant a reconsideration of astrological factors should it occur. I doubt this will occur and will explain why in an upcoming post on the subject.

As far as I can tell right now, via astrological judgement alone, Trump will not defeat Hillary but even though I predicted Hillary for the win in my last post I must confess that just because Trump cannot defeat her does not mean she will win, especially if things radically change. So I am refining my prediction to be that Trump will not win against Hillary however I still think these two Ingress charts show the Democrats retaining power and again if nothing derails the path of Hillary vs Trump then Hillary will be victorious.

The Libra Ingress

We briefly considered the Aries Ingress chart (a chart cast for the capital of the nation in question the exact moment the Sun enters the sign of Aries during the Vernal Equinox). The classical technique of Ingress charts involves taking into consideration the modality of the rising sign of Aries Ingress to determine whether or not more charts are required to understand the year ahead. Should a cardinal sign rise, then three more charts must be cast (one for the Fall Equinox and one for each Solstice). Should a fixed sign rise then no more charts are required. Should a mutable sign rise, which is the case for the 2016 Aries Ingress for the US, then only one more chart is needed and that is the Libra Ingress.

The Libra Ingress chart further strengthens the testimony and predictions afforded by the charts examined in the previous article on the presidential election 2016. This analysis is quite simple and will therefore remain brief.

The 10th house, once again, shows us the incumbent political party, while the 4th will show the challenger. We find Leo on the 10th ruled by the Sun while Saturn rules the opposing sign of Aquarius. Thus we have:

  • Democrats = Sun

  • Republicans = Saturn

The Sun sits in Libra, sign of its fall and in the bounds of Saturn thus showing that the incumbent party appears weak or inconsistent and even corrupt. To a certain degree this is counteracted by Venus being strong in its own sign and by occidentality, dispositing the fallen Sun, however Venus is also in the 12th house and so it is questionable if this is really a case of counteraction. However Venus is certainly in a better condition than Jupiter, who disposits Saturn (significator of the Republicans) and this is what is most important.

However none of this matters as far as trying to discern who is likely to win. We see that the Sun moves to conjoin Jupiter already combust, no other aspects intervening. Combustion does two things: 1) it burns/destroys that which a planet signifies 2) that which a planet signifies in essence is absorbed by the Sun.

Lets apply both of these ideas to the election.

Jupiter disposits Saturn, the planet indicating the republicans, and thus the Democrats (Sun) will destroy (1) the very foundations which the Republican candidate rests upon (perhaps this means that the Democrats will be endorsed by other Republicans or people/conglomerates that normally support Republicans - this we are already beginning to see: The Democrats (Sun) will gain/absorb (2) the abundant and expansive qualities of Jupiter. No planet moves to aspect Saturn.

Saturn is in decent condition accidentally speaking yet he is low in the figure, peregrine, occidental and his dispositor is weakened and overtaken by the Sun’s rays thus pulling the rug out from under him. He is also fairly close to the fixed star Antares. Vivian Robson says of this combination:

“Materialistic, dishonest through circumstances created by environment, religious hypocrisy, many disappointments, loss through quarrels and legal affairs, trouble through enemies, many failures, hampered by relatives, unfavorable for domestic matters, much sickness to and sorrow from children"

(The Fixed Stars and Constellations in Astrology - pg138).

Trump’s nomination acceptance chart, analyzed in the last post, also prominently features this Saturn/Antares conjunction as Saturn is conjoined the MC of the chart. The more charts we examine the more testimonies appear that Donald Trump is not destined for this highest of political offices.

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