2016 Presidential Election


I am predicting a win for Hillary Clinton for this upcoming presidential election.

I will be using 5 charts in my analysis and I will also comment briefly on Donald Trump’s birth chart toward the end because it is AA rated for accuracy. Hillary’s chart is DD rated (a very bad accuracy rating) and there are two possible times which give completely different charts and therefore I won’t be using either chart (I've even seen a third chart proposed, again completely different). I also don’t personally believe one needs to use the natal charts of candidates to make a prediction of this kind. For one a candidate for public office, especially one this big, moves beyond their chart in that they now have become inextricably linked to a greater whole (the political party they are a part of and the country in general) which has the power to override their natal promise. I realize this may be a controversial statement to make and I will not delve into the philosophical reasoning underpinning this idea but instead I will leave the reader with a quote from the great Ibn Ezra which implies a similar, if not the same, idea:

“The sixth rule [out of 8 rules] is communal, by which the cause of the king intervenes. Indeed the law of the king is as a power of the whole. Because if there were in the nativity of the king an indication that he would go to war, he would lead many men with him into the war none of whom would have changed their place (of dwelling) according to their nativity” - (from Tools and Techniques of the Medieval Astrologer Volume III by Robert Zoller).

The implication here is that a greater power (whether the king or the political party etc.) can greatly alter a native’s destiny so that things which were not explicitly promised by his/her nativity become possible. I leave you to ponder this as the implications of it are truly profound.

Aries Ingress for the USA

This chart is cast for the moment the Sun enters the sign of Aries (spring equinox) and the location is that of the capital of a nation. The zodiacal placements of the planets will be nearly identical across the globe but the rising sign changes based on the locale the chart is drawn for. Astrologer Nina Gryphon does an excellent job of delineating this chart with an explanation as to why the Democrats will likely win the presidential election. You can read her excellent analysis here.

I will briefly summarize:

  • The 10th house shows the Incumbent party (the Democrats)

  • The 4th shows the challengers (the Republicans)

  • The 10th house features Jupiter and the Head of the Dragon, both signifying expansion and gains

  • The 4th features, most notably, the Tail of the Dragon signifying decrease, destruction and ruin

  • Jupiter rules the 4th (Republicans) and is near the MC - BUT - is retrograde and will not actually conjoin the MC and therefore this means "close but no cigar" for the Republicans

Charts for Nomination and Acceptance Speech

For both candidates we have a chart drawn for the time they were nominated at their respective conventions and a second chart for when they formally accepted the nomination. These charts only make sense when compared with one another. I have seen many astrologers analyzing these charts miss the bigger picture by focusing too much on one chart without looking at them together as a bundle. Confluence is what counts, not single factors, and we find plenty of confluence to support our prediction. The Moon is the single most important factor in the charts analyzed below for the Moon always refers to the general development/outcome of things and mundanely symbolizes “the common people”.

Lets begin with the Trump charts:

Chart 1 - Trump Nominated

  • Capricorn rising with Saturn the ruler retrograde in the 12th house of loss

  • The Moon is void of course, in the sign of her detriment, and separating from the Sun, symbol of power and kingship

  • The Moon is enclosed by the rays of both malefics (Mars casts a ray right behind the Moon, while Saturn casts a ray ahead of the Moon) - no planet breaks the enclosure (although some may argue the Sun breaks the enclosure of Mars but I remain unconvinced that astrology is so mathematically rigid when it comes to interpretation so I ignore this) because if we look at the transits Venus moves beyond Saturn and the Moon’s next aspect when she changes signs will be to Saturn, again retrograde and in the 12th house of loss. Saturn himself signifies loss and limitation.

  • The Sun is in the bounds of Saturn

  • The Moon is in the bounds of Mars

  • Both luminaries are therefore in the bounds of the malefics

  • Venus, lord of the MC, is in the dark 8th house and in aspect to Saturn

  • The Moon’s next application is to Saturn by SEXTILE

Chart 2 - Trump Accepts Nomination

  • Pisces rising with Jupiter the ruler weak by sign in the 7th house of enemies and others

  • The Tail of the Dragon resides in the 1st house of body/self and indicates a destructive influence on such matters

  • The Moon is once again void and in the bounds of Saturn, lord of misery

  • She now applies to a SQUARE with Saturn once she changes signs

  • We once again see enclosure by the malefics of the Moon with Mars being the last planet she aspected - it’s almost as if Trump goes from having a ton of energy and aggression to being stopped dead in his tracks (from Mars to Saturn)

  • Saturn retrograde afflicts the 10th house cusp

  • The Sun is practically cadent and still in the bounds of Saturn, possessing no dignity of his own

  • The Sun is in aversion to the Moon as is Jupiter, lord of the Ascendant and MC

Chart 3 - Hillary Nominated

  • Capricorn rising with Saturn retrograde in the 11th quadrant house - a subtle yet important difference between Chart 1 and this chart, for Saturn has more strength in the 11th quadrant house

  • The Moon is NOT enclosed by the malef