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Critique of Evolutionary Astrology

What follows (in the link below) is an attempt by myself to critically examine and provide commentary upon the evolutionary paradigm outlined by Jeff Green, originator of what is called Evolutionary Astrology. It is assumed that this article was written by him as no author is given on the website it was taken from ( There are certain valuable perspectives and techniques for delineation that this paradigm has to offer, yet at the same time there is much in it that is highly questionable. In what follows I give the complete article entitled The Four Evolutionary Conditions or States taken from the website above and interpolate my critical analysis through the foot notes. I do not disagree with everything written in the article. Instead I have done this critical analysis as an exercise in critical thinking and in the hopes that those who read it will realize the very real need to think critically about everything in life and especially when dealing with Astrology and the Occult literature in general.

Click here to read the article with my annotations.

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