The Truth about Sun Signs


Popular astrology, that is the astrology that most people know of, focuses on the Sun sign, meaning the zodiacal sign the Sun was found in (longitudinally) when a person was born. People everywhere identify with their Sun sign, usually because they know nothing else about their chart, and this is due to the fact that the Sun is the only astrological body whose position in the Zodiac is easily known without consulting tables of planetary motion (called an ephemeris) or doing lengthy calculations (to calculate a full birth chart). It enters the same sign every year during roughly the same day/period of time, making it easy to know where it was when you were born. The Sun sign undoubtedly says a lot concerning a person's basic character and psychological profile, yet it paints a very incomplete picture. This is because there are many more components to a chart. The Sun and its function in astrology will be elaborated on below, and for the time being we wish to make it clear that Sun sign astrology is not in any way a reliable f