Past Lives: Can they be discerned from the chart and if so is it meaningful to do so?

Discerning a past life from the birth chart has become increasingly popular over the last few decades. The methods are highly questionable from the standpoint of those with a more scientific approach to astrology. While a materialistic scientific point of view has no place amidst the study of astrology, empiricism does. This term is often wrongly defined by those who use it. Empirical actually means knowledge derived through experience. When we conduct a scientific study based on empirical observation it is still grounded in our subjective experience of the material we are analyzing. However the important part in any sort of study is that it also be undertaken in a manner that the proofs can be verified by others. If intuition is to have any real value then multiple people who claim a high degree of intuition should be able to derive the same thing from a birth chart concerning the past life of the person. So far I do not believe su