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Vast are the energies of life, coursing through channels of existence as blood courses through veins of flesh. The tree grows upwards from its roots. Dwelling below the surface, raw and unrefined, they create a secret network which sustains the life of the tree by drawing forth the nutrients derived from various waters, yet hidden amidst the dark moist depths of the dirt. Scorpio shows us the hidden energies that connect all things together despite mere appearance. Water sustains and nourishes all life forms. From water all is born and all returns. Yet water has no boundaries, and in the same way the energies of life also have no boundaries. This energy, like a hidden stream of water, may flow through various sources, yet it is always the same - always unbounded. Water seeps into the earth, evaporates into the air, easily adapting itself to any new environment. It even quells the violent play of the flame.


Scorpio is a sign of power, not just because it is one of the fixed, centripetal signs, but because it represents whatever sustains the relationships born in the Libra phase. Just as Taurus focuses and sustains the raw release of energy in Aries, so does Scorpio represent that which sustains any and all Libran relationships. While Taurus shows the more apparent and physical forms of sustenance, Scorpio shows the less apparent, the occult, that which is below the surface - forms of sustenance hidden below the ebb and flow of the world as the network of relationships. Scorpio as a fixed sign concentrates the diffuse energies of what we call Water, so that they may flow through a source (Sagittarius).


Scorpio is the descent into the underworld, the communion with the darkness in life in order to (at times paradoxically) sustain life. The Scorpio type is anxious to swim amidst this intense current of power which stands behind existence and which is released through visceral interactions with others and the world at large. Thus sex to the Scorpio type is a mechanism of accessing and using the energy born of the physical/emotional union of two partners. Yet as we well know power is not limited to sex. There is the power of death and destruction, and such actions or movements are in reality veiled forms of creation. Taurus draws its power from the physical world, while Scorpio draws its power from the emotional world. The intensity of these powers of destruction and renewal are so overwhelming to most that often the Scorpio type will try to rigidly control this power and use it for his own ends, which means usually for sustaining his ego and his emotional wounds. These things give him a sense of identity and to move beyond them implies death, yet also rebirth. Thus fearful of this possibility, he flees into the emotional turmoil of the world, seeking to gain control over others so as not to face himself. 


This is the night house of Mars, planet of action and initiative. Scorpio is thus directly connected with Aries, wherein was witnessed the raw release of energy, the forward motion of Mars. In Scorpio, that which was born in Aries must face the ghosts of its actions. Where once consciousness moved outward so as to create/destroy, it now moves inward to deal with the often times difficult consequences of oft misdirected energies. 


Qualities: Fixed, Water

Season: Fall

Month: November

Planets: Mars

Body Part: Organs of excretion/Anus/Sex organs


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