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Sagittarius is the arrow of Truth, the one pointed disciple upon the path. The Centaur represents animal power harnessed by the intellect of Man; power finely focused through the shaft of the arrows of mind directed toward the sky (symbol of the greater whole or macrocosm). Scorpio represents the concentration of powers born of relationship (dormant powers, released by the chemistry of interaction). In Sagittarius this occult power, so finely concentrated, is being released.


Sagittarius is a sign representing meaningful social participation, the point where the individual emerges as a socially conscious being searching for universal truths to create order and meaning within the greater community of relationships (Libra). Sagittarius is birth into truly social consciousness because it seeks to reveal that relationships find their meaning only through the greater whole and the greater spiritual/religious context in which they occur. Libra was the birth of awareness generated by relationship, but it represents duality, whereas Sagittarius represents the beginning of a collectivity, of social order, which will become concrete in Capricorn, transformed or improved upon in Aquarius, and finally dissolved in Pisces. This sign polarizes Gemini, as meaning complements or polarizes data and knowledge. Research and data are always needed in order that man may communicate conceptually what he experiences as meaningful. Sagittarius challenges the Virgo stage in the sense that efforts of self improvement are ultimately tested by the meaning they take on in reference to the greater whole.


The ruler Jupiter is natural signifier of religion, faith, law, social participation and especially expansion. Sagittarius is constantly expanding his horizons in order to derive meaning from his place as an individual acting in a social or culture-whole. In Aries the individual is born, in Leo he is refined, and in Sagittarius he searches for the meaning of existence through his relationship to the greater whole. He is the archetypal priest or philosopher, the advanced disciple, the teacher (way-shower) leading people out of the darkness of the cave. This type is prone to being dogmatic, passionate in belief, often travels frequently (as travel constitutes a making of the far near (expansion)), loves foreign culture, optimistic, a lover of wide open spaces, freedom, adventure, sports. The most important thing to understand about this sign is that he is always and forever seeking Truth over truth.


Qualities: Mutable, Fire

Season: Fall

Month: December

Planets: Jupiter

Body Part: Thighs/Hips/Buttocks


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