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In this presentation, produced and conducted via The Night Light Astrology guest speaker summer 2020 series, I have attempted to present a holistic and non-linear approach to astrology through the technique known as Lots (Arabic Parts), and specifically the 7 Hermetic Lots. This is an ancient set of points about which little is written in the ancient texts. In this lecture you will learn about the calculation and function of lots in general and then more specifically about each of the 7 Hermetic lots presented through the lens of myth, philosophical insights and the tarot. 


The unique thing about the approach contained in this lecture is that I have attempted to present the material in a non-linear (right brain) and quasi-mystical manner wherein reading a chart and working with subtle techniques such as the 7 Hermetic lots becomes a matter of listening to the messages contained in the chart rather than getting caught in a web of forcing the hand of delineation. Via this approach a chart and the techniques used to delineate it become doorways or channels through which insight is gained rather than a set of rigidly predefined concepts that must be added together mechanistically to arrive at judgement upon the figure of the nativity.


In addition to the original video lecture you will also receive an audio only version (to listen to in the car or on your headphones), a pdf of the slides utilized (for your reference), and a set of notes (7 pages) that were not included in the original lecture and specially prepared for this purchase. 


As far as I know many of the insights I present here are not found anywhere else in the astrological world.



Lots & Lots of Lots (A journey into the chart via the 7 Hermetic Lots)

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