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This final phase in the cycle marks the disintegration of everything that had been built during the 11 preceding phases. The dynamic energy generated by the interaction of the Capricorn phase with the Aquarius phase inevitably leads to a crisis, a dissolution of that which was created by the intense isolation of these signs (Saturn). Mars, exalted in Capricorn, under the power of Saturn builds and seeks to preserve the foundations of society. In Aquarius we see Saturn venturing forth alone in order to transform what was built for its increased preservation/evolution. Thus that which has been set in place (Capricorn) is resistant to its own preservation (Aquarius). The people thus battle the state which more often than not leads to social crisis (Pisces).


Pisces is the gestation period before a new birth (Aries). It dissolves that which is averse to change and creates an environment (often chaotic and diffuse) for the birth of that which is truly new. This sign is said to embody the other 11 signs within itself, due to it being the final phase of the cycle. All rivers must ultimately flow into the sea. All individuals, all societies, must eventually realize themselves as merely a part of the global consciousness of all peoples and all nations, or face inevitable disintegration, which is the forced realization of The Truth that nought is separate.


Pisces is a highly mystical sign, for it is the least individual of them all and thus the Pisces type is in a sense every person, because there are very little boundaries between them and everyone else. It is easy for them to lose themselves in their identifications with others, with the great flow of emotions and the suffering of the world. They may feel the weight of the world as their own and therefore are constantly martyring themselves for the benefit of others. Pisces tests Sagittarius in the sense that belief and ideology are only truly valuable if the individual can expand his being to encompass all that is rather than merely knowing it. One must vividly experience Truth (that separatism is an illusion), not just intellectually know or understand it. 


Jupiter as the ruler of this sign signifies expansion beyond borders and boundaries. Through his rulership of Sagittarius the individual expands beyond himself and into the social whole, but in Pisces he is once again called to expand himself, only this time he expands far beyond anything he knows. Saturn is the symbol of social duty and position, of the individual boundaries of ego consciousness. This reaches its apex in Aquarius, where Saturn rules alone. Beyond this level of consciousness lies the impersonal yet all encompassing realm of compassion. Venus, the exalted ruler of this sign, shows us that love forms the basis for this kind of Jupiterian-Pisces expansion; an expansion through compassion; love that is more than personal. Through Pisces one leaves behind all that they are and plunges feet first into the mystery.


Qualities: Mutable, Water

Season: Winter

Month: March

Planets: Jupiter, Venus

Body Part: Feet


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