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General Information

Here you can find reading styles that are specialized or unique or whatever else that doesn't quite fit in the other sections

Tutoring (60.00 (1 hour))

Sometimes students feel they need some one on one time with a mentor. If you dig my perspective and what I do with Divination and want to get some tips, advice or clarification on the many matters of the art then I am here to lend you a hand. This is the best session to book if you are a reader yourself and want to have a discussion about your chart or name, etc. rather than a formal reading

Remedial Session (88.00)

I offer council and advice based upon your birth chart and the tarot cards for whatever challenges you may be facing or concerns you have. If you do not have your birth data we can use a consultation chart drawn for the time you contact me for the reading and/or the tarot cards. This session requires that you bring me a list of concerns or issues which I will investigate and contemplate beforehand. This service comes with a brief writeup of what I have observed (a combination of my observations before and after the session) and a live hour long session wherein we discuss what you are going through.


Miscellaneous Chart Related Inquiries (Varying Prices)

1 question 35.00

2 questions 65.00

3 questions 90.00

4 questions 105.00

This is NOT a natal reading. This is an opportunity to ask about something very specific about a chart that you are confused about or received questionable information regarding. I will give you a short written response to each question. This is mainly a service for people with some knowledge of astrology, whether elementary or more advanced, who are seeking clarification on configurations in their own chart, on other people's they are studying, on a horary chart they are having trouble with etc.

For people less familiar with astrology it may be the service to request if you received bad or questionable intel on some aspect of your chart by another reader. You may want/need a second opinion.

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