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Man lives in a world of duality. Manifested existence appears as a vast network of interrelated, chaotic, set of relationships. Yet a fundamental laws of the Universe is that of harmony and in  order that it may be preserved there must be balance. When the scales are tipped too far in one direction inertia builds until it is violently broken and the scales sway wildly back and forth until the equilibrium is re-established and a calm repose is the result. This law of equilibrium, or harmony, is the law of Karma. In Aries we had the release of a new impulse, a new birth, more potential than actual, only made truly meaningful when it interfaces with and even becomes its opposite. Libra, the scales, oppose Aries the Ram; Fall opposes Spring; Death opposes Life - polarity is king.


The play of opposites is the play of the Divine as it turns by itself, upon itself, from unity to multiplicity (much like a scale swaying back and forth). That which is, always contains within it that which it is not, and until the illusions of duality are shattered one will always be led subconsciously to that which it despises, because in Truth our world, our reality, is only a reflection of what takes place within our Self.


Libra is a sign of awareness, not of balance alone. In this case the Libra type is so aware of the other that it forgets itself and becomes instead identified with this mysterious "other"; it worships the ideal of relationship rather than any particular partner. The Sun, exalted in Aries, is in its fall (meaning it is like an unwelcome guest) in the sign of Libra. But why? The Sun stands for the primordial expression of being from a single source, and in Aries it is the symbol of pure, subjective being. In Aries the individual is so close to the source of existence that he/she is but dimly aware of this guiding force supporting his/her being. This high degree of subjectivity gives rise to a lack of awareness of the other. The Sun of individual being can shine brightly in this sign, but in Libra this same energy is veiled by the coming twilight, the realization of Death (a fate sealed in Capricorn), the fall of the seeds into the soil, the harvest of crops become ripe. Therefore the Libra type clings to the other as a source of truth, as a way to defeat death.


Thus we see the rulership of Venus over both Taurus and Libra linking together the desire to perpetuate ones physical existence through relationship and logically through progeny. The Libra type seeks to balance itself, and in a sense all that is, through the other. He/she abhors discord because it is a reminder of the very forces of creation which spawned him/her, and these very forces of creation are simultaneously those of destruction and death, for all acts of creation are simultaneously acts of destruction. Yet Libra is often fascinated by duality, by the strife of existence, and so is often drawn to the arts as a way of making sense or harmony out of the discord of life. The beauty of this sign is that those born under it can easily see the many different perspectives and sides in any given situation, preferring radical equality over right and wrong. This is because such a person worships equality, and takes solace in the ideal of perfect relationship free from strife. Yet this same boon can turn into a source for discord when the Libra type is unable to recognize the hierarchical structures of existence; we are not only related horizontally but vertically as well, because we are all wholes within larger wholes ad infinitum. Justice involves creating balance out of discord and this is Saturn's rulership over the sign. Saturn, the lord of Karma, is exalted in Libra, sign of balance, of Justice. Each action produces an equal and opposite reaction, and so the mature Libra type learns to recognize harmonious action vs disharmonious action, or what some would call right and wrong, and to live wisely. It's not that this type fails to see right and wrong but that it often overlooks it amidst relatives and friends, preferring to play the neutral party lest it should sink from its airy heights into the swamps of discord (Scorpio). 


Qualities: Cardinal, Air

Season: Fall

Month: October

Planets: Venus, Saturn

Body Part: Urinary/Reproductive System/Lower back


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