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The Leo phase of the yearly cycle serves the purpose of concentration and expression of the lunar body or personality that was concretely manifested in the Cancer phase. The individualized entity now moves to express itself through extension in time and space. While Gemini gives us an image of the mind that correlates and maps the natural world, Leo shows us the mind that concentrates the various energies of the individual so that they can be expressed in form. These various energies are vital energy (prana, spiritus, chi) symbolized by the Aries phase, kama (desire) symbolized by the Taurus phase, mind symbolized by the Gemini phase, and craving/attachment symbolized by the Cancer phase. In Leo these four energies are synthesized and the symbol is that of a 5 pointed star with the apex pointed upwards toward the heavens. Through no great stretch of the imagination we can easily see how the body of a human being conforms to the shape of this star when legs and arms are outstretched. The Mind governs the four limbs of man just as the Ether contains within itself the four elements that form the fundamental building blocks of the ordered world. And here we have a paradox because Leo is the 5th sign yet 5 is the symbol for the quintessence or Ether which precedes the 4 elements.


The true Leo type is one who is constantly by his nature radiating the energy of what he is, sharing it with the world automatically, even subconsciously. As a fire sign Leo is dynamic and thus the sense of individuality constructed in this sign is not stable, not final, it only knows itself through its expressive capabilities. The Leo type creates so as to form a clear image of itself for itself. This type is usually magnanimous, loving, dramatic, arrogant or prideful, highly talented and creative, a great joy to behold. Yet it can also be someone who craves attention and approval in order to compensate for a weak self image.


This is the domicile of the Sun, that body which represents the source of Truth and of existence. Leo is the manifested power of the Sun, beheld and felt through its rays, which constantly poor out without diminishing their source. The strong individual can be like the Sun, so willing to release its energy and alter the world around it that it can scarcely find the time to look beyond itself and sense the truth that it is one Star amongst many, one individual in the bosom of the greater whole of the human family (Aquarius).


Qualities: Fixed, Fire

Season: Summer 

Month: August

Planets: Sun

Body Part: Heart/Back/Spine/Sides/Liver


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