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Below is a glossary of terms necessary to understanding the example horary readings:


Essential Dignity - This term relates to a planet's strength within a sign and degree of the zodiac. There are 5 levels of essential dignity, from strongest to weakest. They are: Rulership, Exaltation, Triplicity, Term, Face/Decan.


Accidental Dignity - This relates to a planet's strength derived from its house placement.


Lord - Each planet in a chart rules a house or houses due to the cusp of that house (the line that divides the houses from one another) intersecting with a sign ruled by said planet. As there are 12 houses we have the possibility for 12 Lords, hence the abbreviation L1 or L12 etc. 


Rulership - Of the 5 planets, each has rulership over two signs of the zodiac, such that if a house cusp intersects a specific sign the ruler of that sign becomes representative of whatever is represented by that particular house. The Sun and Moon each rule only one sign. Thus 5x2=10, 10 signs+the signs of Sun and Moon = 12. A planet in a sign it rules is like one in his own home and has total dominion over his surroundings etc. The term "domicile" is also used in place of ruler or rulership.


Exaltation - Each planet is exalted in one sign of the zodiac for a total of 7 exaltations. A planet in its exaltation is like an honored guest and is capable of producing very powerful (but not quite as stable as when it is in a sign it rules) results. In the summaries you will see the abbreviation ExL1 or ExL4 etc. to denote that a planet is the exalted lord of the sign on the cusp of a house and thus that house.


House - A house is one part of a 12 fold division of the space related to the time and location of the question or birth. The houses intersect with the zodiacal sign such that each sign is located on the cusp (the dividing line that separates one house from another) of a house.


Angular - In one of the four angles of the birth chart, meaning the 1st, 7th, 4th, or 10th houses which correspond to East, West, North, South.


Turning - This is when one of the 11 houses that is not the Ascendant is used as the 1st house. If a question is asked about friends then the 11th house is used as their Ascendant and the houses become numbered relative to the 11th house.


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