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Gemini is the map maker because it’s function is to organize and link together all of the sensory data accumulated by the 5 senses (Taurus). In this way mind commands the 5 physical senses. By linking together mentally that which is common to different experiences, a map of consciousness begins to be drawn and a certain type of security is birthed. The twin pillars of Gemini represent the twin pillars of conscious and unconscious. The Gemini type is ever curious for new experiences which it can sort through and add to its collection; its map. Through this map of the world it tries to ensure that it will have a reliable frame of reference in any given situation or set of experiences. Often times this map becomes, instead, a chaotic and confused mental web of entanglement. The Truth becomes so mixed up in the concepts that little clarity and meaning is found. The Gemini phase faces its first crisis of growth during the Virgo phase (90 degrees ahead) in which the information gathered and the conceptual framework constructed are put to the test of practicality. The wheat must be separated from the chaff, for knowledge and concepts are only truly useful as a means of communication and connection with others. When they are mistaken for Truth Proper then chaos ensues.


Gemini is mentally motivated and drawn to many different experiences and ideas as a means of learning and growing. Such a type values communication and interchange more than the quality of such communication because it tends to look at people and situations on an impersonal and objective level, again placing the process of learning over all else. Such types tend to be highly intelligent, talkative, social, pulled in many different directions simultaneously, frenetic, chaotic, nervous, and easily entranced by logic and ideas. The world is an endlessly fascinating place for the Gemini type - a blessing and a curse.


This is the day house of Mercury, lord of Intellect. Speech or dialogue with others is thus crucial to the success of the Gemini type, for Mercury stresses communication. "With our thoughts we create the world" says the Buddha. The mind is the creator of the world and the "nodus of Ignorance" because it deals with things on a separative level, unable to see the infinite truth supporting manifested existence. In Taurus we find the desire to manifest as the primary motivation, but in Gemini we get the mind and the emergence of separative consciousness. Mercury follows Venus; intelligence follows love. Intelligence organizes love and desire so that it may be extended throughout the world rather than contained only as a potentiality. 


Qualities: Mutable, Air

Season: Spring 

Month: June

Planets: Mercury (ruler)

Body Part: Hands/Arms/Shoulders


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