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The querent was having difficulty securing their transcripts due to outstanding debt in order to go back to school after many years. Our querent is shown by L1, Mars, because Scorpio rises.Mars is in the 8th house of debt, combust (closely conjunct the Sun) and in its fall in Cancer. It is debilitated. Higher education (college) is shown by the 9th and its lord, in this case the Moon. The Moon is also debilitated being in the 12th house and in the sign of its fall, Scorpio. It is separating from a trine to Mars (the querent), showing that they had recently registered for school, and and applying to a trine of the Sun, which I will touch on later. From this basic analysis it is fairly clear that school would not be happening, yet I advised that the querent appeal to some higher authority than those they had been speaking with because Jupiter is in the 10th (of authority figures and people in charge) as Jupiter is L2, or money. This unfortunately did not yield any results, but it is always good to offer avenues for success based on the chart as the chart always shows what is happening and what will happen if nothing at all is done. 


I also note that Saturn is retrograde and rising which by itself shows a lot of difficulty and limitations afflicting the querent. Saturn rules the 3rd of communications and the 4th of family and the father. The querent's domestic life was indeed creating a lot of limations and depression at the time of the question, and the 3rd house of communication may suggest in general any miscommunications which may have taken place between the querent and those who worked for the college. Amazingly as well Venus being L12 is applying to conjoin Jupiter, L2 (money), showing that past actions (in this case debt owed) are responsible for the financial difficulties being encountered. The most I can say about the applying trine of Moon to Sun is that perhaps it shows that the theme of money, related specifically to the school, (Sun is L10, which is the 2nd house from the 9th) would be involved in the future of what was to happen with regards to the school. This was in fact true, and the fact that we have a trine as opposed to a square just illustrates that these things were not met with much resistance. The reception shows that the querent loves school (L1 in the sign of L9) and that the school loves the querent (L9 in the sign of L1), yet somehow the money of the school (Sun) or rather the greed (lets be realistic here) interferes. 

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