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The querent had asked the question because they had felt a subtle shift in energy concerning the person they were dating. The feeling that something had just shifted was indeed a strong one, but everyone likes a bit of confirmation regardless of how psychic they are. Our querent is shown by Saturn because Aquarius is rising. Saturn is retrograde (showing the querent's concern) and at the end of the sign of Scorpio on the 10th house cusp. The person she was inquiring about (who is also female) is shown by the Sun (L7) who is in the 5th house separating from a conjunction with Mars, planet of discord. Mars rules houses 3 and 9 and is in the mental communicative sign of Gemini all pointing toward a recent argumentative confrontation with someone. The 9th house is the 3rd from the 7th. The 3rd house also represents siblings, though in this case I don't believe there were any siblings present in the life of the girl inquired about. The 5th house is the 11th from the 7th, thus showing friends. I conjectured that she had recently been in some kind of argument or fight with a friend due to the fact that the Sun is separating from Mars there in the turned 11th. This was later confirmed and to that was added that afterwards she had also gotten into a fight with her father, whom she had been helping due to his being very ill. The part of marriage (Asc+Desc - Venus) is a point I make use of in most relationship questions. It falls at roughly 20 degrees of Aquarius in the 1st house. It's dispositor is Saturn, strong in the 10th house, though retrograde. The part is opposite Jupiter and trine to Mars/Sun. I conjectured that what had happened had not been primarily about the relationship because overall the part and its ruler are free from affliction and neither are in difficult aspects with the relevant points or planets. This was also confirmed later on. 


Later developments and how they are shown in the chart:

Jupiter is L10 which makes it L4 in reference to the Desc. Therefore it shows the girl's father. Jupiter is in her 1st house, showing that he is a major concern for her at this time. He is opposite the part of marriage, showing that he is a source of strain or discord on the relationship. The 10th house from the Desc is the 4th house or Gemini. The part of the father is in the 7th house (or the turned 1st) at approximately 14 degrees Virgo which means that Mercury is also representative of the father. This means that the turned 10th house, where Gemini and Mercury reside, are also indicative of the father and thus we have a clear instance in which the 10th house (turned) shows us the father and not the mother. This makes more sense because Mars is in Gemini and in the 11th, thus connecting arguments with friends or a friend and the father. 


The Sun is trine to the part of marriage showing that the girl likes the relationship. Yet Mars is also trine and more closely than the Sun, showing that the discord in some respect does interefer with the relationship. Saturn as the dispositor of the part is also retrograde, which shows perhaps that there is instability or difficulty in the relationship. Again the reasons have mainly to do with the father of the girl and the discord she finds herself in (Mars).



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