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What I said before the querent responded: It does not look as though things will change very soon. You appear to be unable to do much to hasten things along and it’s causing you great anxiety. A good deal of this anxiety is coming from concern about finances and money. The people organizing the job are facing certain setbacks and difficulties.

What I said when the querent asked about her creative blockage: It looks as though your home life and your concern over finances are at the root of your creative blockage.


Given below is a deeper and more in depth explanation of my analysis:

  • The querent had for some time been waiting for a job to begin where she would be doing makeup for a film. A job generally comes under the 10th house. With Cancer on the cusp, the job is shown by the Moon. It is in late Gemini and void of course, which means that it has made its last aspect to the other planets before changing sign. This is generally an indication of things not changing anytime soon (the Moon is also debilitated in Gemini because it is the 12th sign from Cancer).


  • Our querent’s significator is Venus because Libra is rising on the eastern horizon. Venus is in the 8th house and separating from a sextile to Jupiter. Venus is not void of course like the Moon but it is not making any new aspects anytime soon (or until the Moon moves into Leo). It is in the 8th house which limits its ability to act. One of the meanings of the 8th house is that of fear and anxiety, it is also called a dark house (along with houses 12 and 6). Venus is fast in her daily motion signifying the restless state of the native with regard to the job. She is restless but has little power to act, being in the dark, so to speak. All she can do in this situation is wait, but she is stressed because money and school are issues here as well.


  • The job has interfered with school (shown by Mercury, L9, in square to Jupiter in the 10th (he is also the exalted lord of the 10th); the Moon is also in the 9th and so we see at the very least the job affecting the querent’s higher education by the Moon being void in the 9th). The querent had in fact dropped out of school midway through the semester because the job was supposed to start during the last month or so of the semester.


  • The Part of Fortune in these questions generally shows a theme present in the native’s mind/being. It is here located in the 2nd house of money. Saturn, who is weak by being peregrine and retrograde, naturally signifies constriction and anxiety etc. He too is placed in the 2nd. Both the POF and Saturn are in Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter. Everything in a chart has multiple layers of meaning but for right now what we are interested in is to see that Jupiter is placed in the 10th and disposits Saturn and the POF in the 2nd, which shows the potential to make quite a bit of money from the job and this is part of the native’s concern because Jupiter represents the source of these financial concerns and he is placed in the 10th, so the native is relying on this job for a significant amount of money and thus security. Mars is properly L2 because Scorpio is placed on the cusp of the 2nd. Mars is in his detriment in Taurus, but he is also angular. This seems to show that the native is making money (angularity) but it is not a lot of money (in detriment) and that the money she does have is not going to fix her problems (which we get to below).


Why is the job being delayed?

  • I was told by the querent that they keep delaying the start of the film due to trouble getting certain actors on board etc. Back to Jupiter and Mars. Sagittarius is on the cusp of the third and if we turn the chart then the 3rd becomes the 6th house from the 10th. The 6th house is employees. So Jupiter is also the employees. Overall he is of a good zodiacal state and in the 10th he is determined toward the job. Thus the employees are trying to do good work in order to make this thing happen, they are generally good employees. Yet Jupiter is in square aspect to Mars who is in his detriment in Taurus and conjunct Mercury, natural significator of communication. There is no reception present between these planets. Mars is strife, so perhaps anger/strife and arguments (here we add Mercury) are impeding the ability of the employees to get along and do good work.


  • But where is this coming from? There are some interesting ways to interpret this. The 7th, wherein both Mars and Mercury are placed is the 10th from the 10th (and Mars rules the 10th!). I interpret this as either the boss, or the higher ups, or perhaps some kind of famous actor (as the Sun is present in this house as well) is making things difficult for the employees to do what they need to do and perhaps due to communication issues. If we use whole sign houses these three planets (Sun, Mercury, Mars) all end up in the 8th or the 2nd from the 7th (which is the turned 10th). This is the boss’ money or the money of the actor(s). Therefore it is possible that those funding the project don’t have much money or rather that they or the actors want more money. Thus the job cannot begin until all of these things are dealt with (The actors wanting more money was verified by the querent just a week later). However Mars and Mercury are separating from the square of Jupiter and so probably the worst of that is over. The Sun, who is exalted ruler of the turned 10th, will soon be aspected via sextile by the Moon (and the Moon will be receiving the Sun, him being in the sign of her Exaltation) and when this happens there is a good chance the money issues will be resolved (as Sun is the ruler of the 2nd from the 10th, so the money of the job or project). Again the Moon is the project itself. In addition to being void it is also in the 12th house from the natural 10th and so this further weakens it, yet when it sextiles the Sun it will be in its own sign of Cancer and thus have much more strength (it is also in Gemini the 12th sign from its domicile (Cancer)).


After this the querent expressed that she had been feeling a major blockage creatively as she is an artist. The analysis is below.

  • Her 5th house of creativity and art is ruled by Saturn and so is her 4th house of home, family, domestic life, father. Saturn is placed in the 2nd of finances and physical material security (and self esteem). He is retrograde which “increases his malice”. So my answer was that her creativity was blocked at least in large part by something to do with her home life and her worrying about finances. Now what she told me is amazing and verifies what was said above. Her father had for the last year been addicted to amphetamines and spent quite a large amount of money on this drug addiction. This had caused a lot of financial stress for our querent and for her parents (Saturn is L5, and the 5th is 2nd from the 4th = her parent’s money). Saturn is retrograde meaning that he is still having great difficulty with this drug problem (Our querent said that he wasn’t using but he wasn’t getting better). Saturn is disposited as well by Jupiter who is L12 (12th from the 4th) and by whole sign houses Saturn is in the turned 12th. Now Mars is exalted L4 and he represents the strife happening in the home between the querent’s parents. Our querent informed me that she was a go between and perhaps the one holding the parents together. We can take Jupiter as the mother, for he is exalted lord of the 10th and placed therein as well. Jupiter is afflicted by Mars/Mercury. Mars is co significator for the Father (being exalted L4) and Mercury again is communication issues but he is also the L9, or the turned 12th of the 10th (the Mother’s fears and self undoing). So Mercury also represents her fears and lamentations etc. concerning this particular issue. It is interesting to note that Jupiter is in Leo, the sign of Saturn’s detriment, and so this shows that the mother is rather angry at the father.





The job is delayed and the querent is a sitting duck. She has very little power to act and feels weighed down by financial concerns directly related to the job itself. The job is probably not going to start as soon as she would like but it will still happen. The job is being delayed due to what we had conjectured to be money issues coming from a superior entity for one reason or another. We believe the people causing these problems to be of an irascible, disruptive and probably greedy nature. As a result of this the employees cannot do their job properly. Finally all of this ties into the querent’s artistic blockage. Further analysis linked financial concerns and the domestic situation to this creative blockage. The domestic situation was discussed and the chart is shown to reflect the key elements at work in that situation regarding the querent’s parents and their own financial concerns and afflictions. One more thing that could be added is that Mercury is L9, the native’s religion and faith in God or the Divine, is afflicted through its conjunction to Mars in detriment. We take this to mean that the querent’s faith was disturbed and disrupted (this is reiterated by the square to Jupiter, natural ruler of faith and religion). As one can see in this analysis, there is a tremendous amount that a chart can show, yet it is not usually necessary to go this deep.

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