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Why Divinatory Counseling? 
(a personal statement about the model)

Over the years I have found that the types of clients that are drawn to astrology and tarot sessions with me are generally not so interested in the prediction of mundane life events and instead are seeking an understanding of their life that can both validate their experiences through a facilitation of meaning, and provide them with a sense of personal empowerment, faith and self confidence with which to move consciously towards the future. Some of this can indeed be accomplished in a single session, as is the popular method of doing birth chart consultations in the astrology world today, yet a single session greatly limits the potentials that the birth chart offers as a map of life. Today many people are learning astrology just to be able to read their own chart on a regular basis with the hope that they can use what they learn to better navigate their own life. The disadvantage to studying your own chart is that we are all biased when it comes to ourselves and therefore getting a second or even third opinion is often very helpful in situations wherein we lack clarity. Any well trained astrologer knows this and is not afraid to seek the opinion of their colleagues regarding their own birth chart from time to time. 

           If the birth chart is to be utilized as a life map, which means that it be used as a portal to probe into the domains of life in order to foster awareness, clarity and self discovery, then more than a single session becomes imperative. There is no reason that astrologers should attempt to cram every possible insight into a single session birth chart reading. In the ancient world (and this is still practiced in certain cultures today) a single session ideology did not exist because the local priest/advisor of the community was always present for consultation and guidance. Such a person, if practicing astrology, would intimately know the birth charts of those who regularly came to them for guidance and likely they would know the charts of the person's family members and so on. This allowed them to utilize astrology and other traditional tools in a holistic capacity, as a tool for living, by no means limited to a one-off session with strangers. Astrologers are not Tarot card readers, and so they should not attempt to pattern their work in the same manner. Multiple sessions, spanning a longer period of time, constitutes a natural and fluid approach to astrological consultations which opens the door for deeper work and more fulfilling service to clients. 

         While I personally study predictive methods and regard prediction as a very integral portion of astrology, most of my clients do not come to me seeking such kinds of prediction and perhaps this is because I too do not focus on this for my own life either. The practice of astrology, as I am trained in it, deals with the facilitation of meaning as its primary purpose and with practical remedial measures that can assist us all in navigating the often rough terrain of life. 

          Understand that these sessions are not linearly structured and are not self help sessions designed to produce a specific outcome, such as increasing your income, business success, actualizing an ideal romantic partnership or anything of this sort. Instead these sessions are meant to be a joint exploration of life and consciousness with an emphasis on your own navigation through the seas of life. I am merely here to cultivate a safe space for you to open up to yourself, your own innate wisdom, to be a mirror, an advisor even, but in reality it is you who will be teaching yourself, discovering yourself and so on. My goal is to be as empty a vessel as possible in a given session and ultimately to see you through to a place where you no longer need me in this capacity. Astrology and Tarot are tools that enter into the sessions as supports but not as the emphasis. As themes, questions and more arise in a session these tools can be meaningfully employed to shed additional light which is invaluable. Patterns of behavior as well as empowering potentials can be revealed through the divinatory arts that may otherwise have taken a long time to come out. 

         Moving forward this type of continuous session work is my preferred way to engage with people who desire my services because it just allows for a much deeper and more profound dive than a single session reading. If this is the case then what is the advantage of a single session reading you may ask? First a single session reading is very good for the practical dimensions of life. What is meant by practical is when you just have one or a few burning questions that you need some kind of answer or clarity around. This is especially the case for a horary session in which a very specific type of question can be intimately addressed. When a few, more broad questions or insights are on your mind then you may opt for the birth chart session of 3-5 questions or life areas to be analyzed. Through a Tarot reading one can explore deeply a wide variety of topics and themes pertinent to life right now that do not necessarily require hyper specific answers and details but are more guidance based. Furthermore not everyone needs or wants repeated, longterm session work. In my own life experience there have been individuals who have been helpful because we could meet so regularly over a longer period of time. Just one session with such a person probably would not have been nearly as useful for my journey. Yet in other cases there are people I have gone to for single session readings because I needed to discuss a particular issue or question just to get clarity and guidance on it or I knew I needed to have the experience of a particular reader and type of reading to see what important themes emerged that I could reflect upon more later. These types of readers were not people I would have wanted to do continuous session work with because they did not have that kind of energy for me. I am attempting to offer the possibility of both single session and continuous session work because both are useful, relevant and meaningful depending upon the person and where they are at in their life.

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