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“A wonderful Astrologer whose deeper philosophical contemplations and mindful practice of such gifted celestial energies allow him the opportunity to grow even deeper within the reflections of the Divine; which in turn is humbly rendered to any who seek council with him. I highly recommend his services to any who seek greater answers to the questions that lie within ~

Thank you for being there friend~” - John Anthony

“I could not thank Lars enough for all the times that I needed reassurance and guidance; he was always there for me. Always taking the time to explain and guiding me even through his busy schedule. He is so wise with vast knowledge. I don’t think I have met anyone like this before. With others I’ve always left puzzled with more questions after, not truly satisfied. And with Lars, I always leave feeling crystal clear. Give him your time, you won’t be disappointed! Clarity is what you want!” - Sailor Win

"Lars is a very skilled and generous tutor that was able to easily clarify some questions I had about astrology and specifically traditional forms of astrology" - Andrea Guerra

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