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The broad expansive nature of Sagittarius is here made concrete by the earthy, practical, and constricting nature of this sign. In Capricorn the state is born; on an individual level this equates to the mature person taking public office, which entails limitations and responsibility, both very Saturnian traits. If Cancer referred to physical birth, Capricorn refers to physical death, or of a process becoming rigid. Capricorn is the point in the yearly cycle where the day yields to the night, the winter solstice being the shortest day of the year. Day and night refer to the primary duality of manifested existence. The day is ruled by the Sun and for obvious reasons signifies activity, manifestation, multiplicity, individual extroverted activity. The night is ruled by the Moon and signifies rest, inactivity, unity, collective introverted activity. Capricorn is therefore that point in the yearly cycle in which the energies of the collectivity overwhelm those of the individual almost completely, though not entirely, otherwise the year would not continue. Capricorn is a symbol of the individual consecrated to the building and preservation of the collectivity. Tradition is emphasized by this sign because through tradition the past is repeated within the present thereby unifying individuals through social order. This type is highly ambitious, places great emphasis on traditions, driven to achieve something lasting within society, hard working, obsessed by order, prone to rigidity. 


Saturn is the planet of limitation and thus of isolation. It is lord of Karma because it symbolizes the limitations in our lives, the very limitations that bind us to this reality. It is the bones, the skin, the immune system, the very foundations of our physical existence. Through Saturn's isolation we realize our mortality and are forced to commune with our inner world, our Soul. Capricorn is Saturn's primary sign of manifestation. The archetypes associated with it are the hermit, the ascetic, the statesmen or politician, the worker or slave. Mars is exalted in this sign and here we see Mars' violent and aggressive individual activity being sublimated to the building of social foundations and order. The highly dynamic energy of Mars is at home here because Capricorn brings to the Martian drive, known as initiative, a socially relevant frame of reference. 


Qualities: Cardinal, Earth

Season: Winter Solstice

Month: January

Planets: Saturn, Mars

Body Part: Knees


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