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Aries begins the yearly cycle which is properly Spring, the season of new life, rather than Winter, season of gestation. It is a sign of pure being and pure energy, uncorrupted by the many veils of manifestation. It is a highly dynamic kind of energy or consciousness, always evolving and moving to inspirit and animate new forms of existence. Aries is akin to the electric fire of esoteric philosophy. It is an unbounded fountain of life; it is like the source of all existence, the Logos, the fundamental pattern of evolution governing all existence moving always into the darkness so as to illumine and transfigure what appears bereft of Spirit.


Aries moves outward. It is a cardinal sign and thus acts centrifugally. It is the day house of the planet Mars, the warrior, fighting for Truth. It is the onslaught, the untempered pure form of Truth moving outward to cut the bonds of ignorance. The Sun (symbol of Truth itself) is very powerfully placed in this sign, and as such the pure energy of Truth often guides the native though they are usually unaware of this movement because it does not seem alien and so they have not needed to identify it, label it.


Because we are enveloped in the Ignorance of temporal dualistic existence it is not uncommon for the Aries type to actually flee outward from Truth without realizing it. The momentum is too great and the outward thrust of energy too strong and so the person attempts to grasp onto something that appears finite and thus enduring, for the pure energy of Spirit, manifesting as constant change and challenge, is unsettling for the mind of one still engulfed by the black soot of inertia and ignorance. Therefore such a person may cling to logic and reason or to the ideal of the individual, totally free from any limitations, led by a great destiny and thus superior to others. This fleeing from Truth is why so many Aries types seem to have such a strong conviction, a strong sense of right and wrong. Their impatience and inability to understand what they may term and perceive as the stupidity of others is a result of their profound yet unconscious connection with the source. If they dawn many masks of logic and belief it is because they are on some level afraid to just be.


Qualities: Cardinal, Fire

Season: Spring (Vernal Equinox)

Month: April

Planets: Mars (ruler), Sun (exalted)

Body Part: Head

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