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Capricorn represents the apex of the night force (that which is diffuse), yet it also represents the beginning of the gradual increase of the day force, until we get to Aries where the day and night are equal and finally to Cancer where the day overpowers the night before the night begins to reassert itself. The laws of the state are born as ideas in Sagittarius and then rigidly consolidated in Capricorn. In Aquarius these laws and social customs are refined and true art and culture are born. Aquarius harnesses the power of collectivity into forms and activities which release new power and eventually lead to the disintegration of the society in Pisces. This power is symbolized by the waters pouring from the urn, the same "waters" gathered during the Scorpio phase (the phase of hidden collective power) now repurposed for social preservation. The Water Bearer is therefore a symbol of this release of power and furthermore Aquarius is a fixed sign, meaning that it is concentrative in its action. Society is always more than its laws and traditions because it is made up of people who have on some level agreed to a particular form of social order. The kind of social order that develops is based on many factors; on geographic locality (and thus weather), on the food that is available, the size of the community, its vulnerability or lack of, the religious foundations etc.


Aquarius emphasizes the truly human factor in society. Social order is guaranteed by Capricorn, but it is preserved and revitalized in Aquarius. The Aquarius type is concerned with social change and transformation, not because he hates his people but because he knows that unless the dynamic nature of the human mind is harnessed, with regard to social order, then this very social order will remain rigid and soon disintegrate. The Aquarius type is progressive, attached to his particular ideal or vision of the perfect society, a society that emphasizes the good of the whole through the recognition of the individual as having meaning only through a group or set of ideals.


This type feels very strongly the need to belong; his very identity is based upon those groups and ideologies he is a part of. This is because the Sun, planet of individual being, in the domicile opposite his own does not fare well. On the one hand the lack of intrinsic identity makes the Aquarius type highly social and amicable, yet on the other hand it is not uncommon for the Aquarius type to don a persona he can hide his disturbing lack of individuality behind. Thus the common misconception that Aquarius types are highly individualistic; they often appear to be, yet closer analysis reveals that they instead represent some dominant social archetype (the hippie, the goth, the skater, the nerd, ad infinitum). 


Saturn is the only ruler of this sign. Each planet rules two signs (except the Sun and Moon) denoting that each planet has a day house and a night house. Capricorn is Saturn's night house and so we find emphasized the constricting formative power of this planet. In Aquarius we have instead the urge to preserve this social order through the power of ideals (the mind) which emphasize the truth that something can only be preserved if it is constantly being altered in order to be relevant, but even more so it can only be preserved if it propels itself into the future, and this can only be done through ideals which form the structure of such a future. Saturn thus operates still in a limiting and constricting way but this time what is emphasized is the mental structures of the mind rather than the physical structures of existence. 


Qualities: Fixed, Air

Season: Winter

Month: February

Planets: Saturn

Body Part: Calves/Ankles


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