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My friend was inquiring about at least three different women and his prospects with each. Hence the term “path” was used somewhat jokingly, yet he was also partly inquiring about whether or not he should abandon the path of relationship and instead devote himself more firmly to meditation and self reflection.


  • The querent gets L1, Venus, and the Moon as his significators. Venus is in the 8th in Gemini and the Moon is in the 12th in Libra and peregrine (she is also in the via combusta, the burnt road, which is 15 Libra to 15 Scorpio). She is applying to trine Venus, who receives her. This shows initially that he is suffering from a sense of isolation and general anxiety (the 8th is fear and anxiety on a broad, undefined level, or generally speaking). Yet as L1 can signify the querent’s head and the Moon his heart or emotional situation, I do believe that the upcoming trine spells some sense of clarity in the near future, which I estimated to be about a week (this did indeed happen).


  • For partners the querent is interested in we first look to L7. In this case we have multiple people so we want also to look at planets in the 7th, the exalted lord of the 7th, and any other planets who have some level of dignity in the part of the sign that is on the descendant. In this chart both L7 and ExL7 are in the 7th house and in Taurus. This is the domicile of Venus and the Exaltation of the Moon, thus I believed both these women to be interested in the querent (which was affirmed by him). Aries is on the cusp of the 7th and so we have Mars and the Sun in the 7th and in Taurus as our two first significators of women. The third I will discuss below.


  • First I looked at Mars as L7. He is debilitated by being in Taurus and by whole sign houses he (and the Sun) are in the turned 2nd of self esteem and money. Yet by Alcabitius house cusps he is in the 7th. I described this person as being someone who was struggling in some manner, perhaps angry and with the anger internalized. This person was of a dubious nature in some manner (this was indeed affirmed). The fact that Mars is debilitated and in the whole sign 2nd house means also a weak level of self esteem (actually this applies as well to the woman represented by the Sun, yet not as much).


  • The second woman was symbolized by the Sun. He too is in the 7th. I described this person as potentially being more extroverted and a little plump (this too was affirmed). Extroverted because the Sun is a more masculine indicator and it is angular, so it is a person out in the world (this would apply as well to Mars, which fits as well based on the querent’s comments). The Sun is peregrine but not in bad zodiacal state and largely unafflicted (the square to Jupiter is not bad because the Sun receives Jupiter). I said plump because the Sun inclines to largeness and Taurus is a feminine fixed sign represented by a bull, a large animal. I also took the square from the Sun to Jupiter, with reception to show sexual tension because squares intensify things and Jupiter is also L5 (sex). This too was affirmed by the querent. I would also advise him that of the three women he was considering that he probably had the best chance to at least have some kind of love affair with this person due to this square and the reception.


  • Now we also have a third girl because the querent mentioned that there was one (initially he just told me several). So how do we find this third person? I opted to use the 2nd triplicity ruler of the fire signs (Aries on the 7th cusp), because triplicity is the next level of dignity just below exaltation. Thus Jupiter becomes our significator because he is 2nd triplicity ruler of fire, the Sun being the first and was already used). Jupiter is not in any dignities of Venus or the Moon, so she has little interest romantically in the querent. She might also be represented by L11 (I would say this is subordinate to Jupiter though as a significator) because she is also his friend. Mercury is L11 and basically shows the same thing, being in his own sign. As I also know this person I was able to piece things together without too much asking. Jupiter is in the 10th which is career/job/destiny (it is technically the 4th from the 7th and this might also hold meaning but we can take the 10th as signifying these things generally as well as specifically the querent’s job or former job, the place where he met all of these women, but this was not really relevant to the question). She is more concerned with those things at this moment in her life than with him. The square to the Sun may show the fact that she is working toward recognition or some level of fame as an actress (again I already knew she worked as an actress). That the Sun receives Jupiter and is applying to aspect him may show that such things will happen for her (I’ll just have to wait and see if this is the case!). Again these things were affirmed by the querent.


  • Now what is really very interesting is that the Moon and Venus are not in major dignities of the planets representing the Women. Venus is in the triplicity of Jupiter, the term of Mars and the face of the Sun, while the Moon is in the triplicity and term of Jupiter. The querent indeed liked the girl represented by Jupiter best. He then liked the girl represented by Mars secondly and the girl represented by the Sun thirdly. This perfectly matches the chart as Jupiter has the strongest dignities, Mars the second, and Sun the third and once again these things were affirmed by the querent.


  • Our querent is most interested in what is shown by Mercury because Venus is in Gemini. I got a feeling at this point to look at the Part of Marriage (which can also be taken as representing a relationship). Sure enough the part fell in the sign of Virgo (at 6d24m) meaning that Mercury represented “relationship”. It falls in the 11th of hopes and wishes (in this case that meaning of the 11th seems to fit best). Our querent is primarily interested in a relationship in and of itself rather than any particular woman. He agreed that he had been feeling this to be the case.


  • The Moon is in the exaltation of Saturn, so she places whatever he represents on a high level. Saturn here is L3 and L4 and ExL12. Due to the querent’s strong spiritual inclinations I take Saturn as L4 as meaning deep emotional security and as L12 he may represent self reflection and introspection (the querent is currently seeing a past life regression therapist, a very 12th house theme). The fact that the Moon is already there in the 12th and Venus in the 8th reinforces these themes. The water houses, as they are sometimes called (4, 8, 12) are considered Moksha houses in Vedic Astrology. Given the weak testimony of the possibility of these women providing the querent with lasting fulfillment, my advice was to go deeper into meditative and contemplative practices. The Part of Fortune is also in the 6th house, showing a concern for self improvement and sickness (the querent had been suffering for some time with allergies).


  • Neptune in the 5th is interesting as it reinforces the theme that the native finds sex or love affairs to be intoxicating and even redemptive. The applying opposition of the Moon to Uranus may show the possibility for deep insights to soon be gained, perhaps to do with the past life regression therapy? Only time will tell.










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