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I needed to find this piece for a juicer that I had misplaced. I wasn't sure if it was in the recycling bin and I figured that before I spend a bunch of time rooting through the trash in search of something that may not even be there I should cast a chart and see what it told me. The last place I saw this little thing was in the kitchen and I hoped it was still there. L2 and the Moon are always the first candidates for missing objects. Both are in the 10th and Mercury is separating from an opposition to Saturn. A planet in one of  the four angles means that the object is nearby. Mercury is separating from Saturn which tells us that the object is temporarily hidden or obscured. The testimonies for recovery of the object are L2 angular and separating from its affliction with Saturn, Jupiter conjunct the Ascendent, North Node in the 2nd house, the Sun (L1 or me) separating from Mars and strong in the 11th. I felt that the object was not in the trash due to the fact that L2 and the Moon were in the 10th. If they had been in the 4th then I probably would have suspected the trash. My first thought after this little bit of analysis was that they were in some cabinet high up, especially because air signs (L2 in Gemini) can show that it is higher up. I went to the kitchen and looked in the cabinet but once again it was not there. I then decided to check again around the sink area where I had last seen it. I rooted through some of the mess and discovered it was behind a plastic bag! This was the obscuration represented by Saturn. Gemini is an air sign and a double bodied sign. The air element may denote the bag on some level but what is more interesting is that L2 in a mutable sign can show that it is behind or inside something. As per its location near the sink there are multiple testimonies that support this. First mutable signs can indicate places near water. The Moon, which Mercury is conjoined out of sign, also shows water, and finally the 4th house tells us something of the location of the object; in this case a water sign is on the 4th house cusp. Gemini is also a human sign which means that it is in a place frequented by people (the kitchen is frequented by me quite a bit!). In this situation the astrology didn't reveal to me exactly where the object was (although as you can see when I analyzed the chart further after finding the object there were more details I hadn't seen at first) but it did inspire me to look again and therefore was of great assistance in helping me find the object and saving me the time of rooting through the recycling. ​

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